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Developed exclusively between Payment Plugins and PayPal, PayPal for WooCommerce integrates with PayPal’s newest API’s.
To boost conversion rates, you can offer PayPal, Pay Later, Venmo, or credit cards on your site. There are many supported features so
merchants can tweak the plugin to suit their business needs.


Payment Plugins is an official PayPal Partner

How do I test the plugin?

The plugin has a sandbox option, where you can test payments. Our documentation shows you how to setup a Sandbox account.

How do I connect my PayPal account?

Our documentation has a step-by-step guide on how to connect the plugin to your PayPal account. Documentation

Who is Payment Plugins

Payment Plugins is the team behind several of the highest reviewed and installed Payment integrations for WooCommerce.

The plugin worked very well and the support help me fix some things

If you need to set up PayPal for your Woocommerce store, then this is the plugin for you.

The Developer @mrclayton has made everything so easy and integrated. You get the enjoy developer level features within the plugin, and the best part, it’s free.

I also love the Stripe Plugin, also free and has just as many features.

Simply the best payment plugins out there, and to top all of, the support is premium and unmatched.

Excellent plugin and support

The customer support provided by Payment Plugins for PayPal is the best I’ve ever experienced when communicating with a developer of WP plugins and custom code. Always quick to respond, always has a thoughtful reply and seems to be available almost anytime.

This is solid product backed by superior customer support. Sounds made up, but it’s not. Six stars: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ – that’s one more than 5.

I figured the official WooCommerce plugin for PayPal payments would offer great integration, functionality, and great support, but that was not the case for me. I switched over to Payment Plugins for PayPal WooCommerce. I installed on my production site and had an error at PayPal checkout indicating the payment could not be processed and to please try again. Repeated attempts showed same error message. I created a support ticket and I received a response within the hour. I was able to exchange emails with support in near real time. Support reviewed my WooCommerce fatal error logs and they indicated that another plugin (Gmail SMPT) was the likely culprit. I disabled Gmail SMPT and PayPal payments were now able to process quickly and smoothly. Great plugin and great support.

With the official WC paypal turning to garbage – and hours wasted trying to make it work – I turned here… because their stripe ver has 80k+ installs. Was suspect only 1k instals for this ver. But installed on staging… clicked to auto-connect – and it just worked. So much easier than any of the others I tried. Don’t understand why it isn’t the go-to plugin for WC Paypal.

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“Payment Plugins for PayPal WooCommerce” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.


= 1.0.17 – 12/9/22 –
* Added – Improved compatibility with Mondial Relay
* Added – Show error message if incorrect client ID has been entered in API Settings page
* Fixed – If Stripe Express section is enabled, ensure PayPal buttons have necessary css classes added

1.0.16 – 11/23/22

  • Fixed – Inaccurate coupon calculation if option “Display prices in the shop” set to including tax.
  • Fixed – Update queries that include transaction property to be compatible across all WooCommerce versions
  • Fixed – Prevent item total mismatch error if items total exceeds breakdown item total due to PayPal decimal limitation

1.0.15 – 11/18/22

  • Fixed – Patch entire purchase unit rather than individual properties. This ensures certain tax calculations and shipping configurations are always accurate.

1.0.14 – 11/17/22

  • Updated – Include Purchase Unit amount in patch request made during checkout.
  • Added – Reference transactions are now optional with FunnelKit/WooFunnels Upsells.

1.0.13 – 11/11/22

  • Added – Dispute created and resolved webhooks.
  • Added – Site locale option in the Advanced Settings tab. The plugin can use the site’s locale or default to PayPal’s auto detection.
  • Added – Factory filters so PayPal order and purchase units can be modified

1.0.12 – 10.12.22

  • Updated – Improved messaging when reference transactions aren’t enabled on the Merchant PayPal business account
  • Updated – Improved Express Checkout buttons compatibility with currency plugins
  • Added – Support for the new WooCommerce custom order tables (HPOS)
  • Added – Capture On Status option which allows merchants to capture an authorized order on either the processing or completed status. Setting can be set to manual as well
  • Fixed – Don’t override shipping label first and last name with billing name

1.0.11 – 10.1.22

  • Fixed – WooFunnels Upsell refund not processing
  • Fixed – WooFunnels Upsell amount not always accurate
  • Fixed – For currencies with no decimal points, adjust rounding to prevent decimals

1.0.10 – 9/23/22

  • Updated – Use refund ID instead of order ID when processing refund.
  • Updated – Don’t override the shipping address first, last name if already populated on checkout page
  • Fixed – WooFunnels One Click upsell, upsell not being triggered

1.0.9 – 9/14/22

  • Fixed – Restrict item name length to 127 characters to prevent invalid schema error
  • Updated – WC tested up to: 6.9
  • Updated – Improved WooCommerce Blocks UI

1.0.8 – 9/12/22

  • Updated – Improved billing address validations
  • Updated – Only fill the billing email address field with the paypal email address if the field is blank
  • Fixed – Compatibility with WooCommerce PayPal Payments recurring payments
  • Added – Option to disable the credit card button tagline

1.0.7 – 8/29/22

  • Updated – Improved Payer address validation for digital products

1.0.6 – 8/8/22

  • Updated – WC tested up to: 6.8
  • Added – Better compatability with the WooCommerce Checkout Add-Ons plugin
  • Added – Better compatability with the WooCommerce Advanced Shipping Packages plugin


  • Added – Compatibility with the WooCommerce PayPal Checkout Gateway
    plugin to ensure subscriptions process automatically and seamlessly when merchants switch.
  • Added – Compatibility with the WooCommerce PayPal AngellEYE plugin to ensure subscriptions process automatically and seamlessly when merchants switch

1.0.4 – 7/21/22

  • Fixed – CheckoutWC discounted order bump error
  • Updated – WC tested up to: 6.7
  • Added – Populate shipping_phone value if it exists and PayPal provides customer’s phone number

1.0.3 – 6/27/22

  • Fixed – PayLater messaging if option “Display prices in the shop” is enabled.
  • Added – PayPal option in the CheckoutBlock payment gateways section and in the Express section
  • Updated – Improved autofill logic for billing and shipping address
  • Updated – WC tested up to: 6.6

1.0.2 – 5/20/22

  • Fixed – Malformed request error during order creation if Payer’s billing address is not valid

1.0.1 – 5/11/22

  • Updated – Deactivation modal on Admin plugins page
  • Updated – Improved error handling for PayPal script params.

1.0.0 – 5/4/22

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