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Instead of just doing traditional image compression, significantly damaging your website’s visual quality, like nearly all websites still do to this day, AI-optimize your images and videos. Only with SpeedSize™ can you present media without limitations. Display photos and videos that look the same as 4k and drastically improve your site’s loading speed at the same time. This will improve conversions, drive more organic SEO traffic and most importantly – provide your customers the next level of user experience.


The dilemma of performance vs. media quality arises every day for all online brands. A large media catalog and/or high quality media always translates to slow-loading. The standard solution is traditional image compression. Unfortunately, compression affects quality and doesn’t reduce the media size enough when the visual quality is passable. So the result is always poor user experience and/or bad SEO rankings, leading to missed conversions, or to put it more plainly, lost money.


Never again compromise visual quality for speed. Instead of doing traditional compression, use our proprietary tech, Neuroscience Media Optimization. SpeedSize™ is the only platform capable of optimizing media size so dramatically, without compromising visual quality. High-res images and videos can now be delivered with a few KBs. You can speed up your site, drive more organic SEO traffic and convert more, without any concessions.

  • Fix your Core Web Vitals to improve your SEO, bounce rate and conversions
  • Accelerate your site’s loading time by ~10x and enhance user experience
  • Get ~90-99% smaller and visually lossless media size by integrating with the SpeedSize™ platform
  • Make your site stand out with highest visual quality available online
  • rive more sales by empowering UX with high-res images and videos


SpeedSize™ neuroscience-powered AI analyzes your media, recreates it in identical looking quality but smaller in size (only a few KBs), and delivers it from 400+ locations all across the globe. Start selling more by upgrading product presentation. Use 4k quality images and auto-play videos. Improve your Core Web Vitals, while displaying life-like imagery for each unique visitor’s browser and device. SpeedSize™ even generates up to 250 variations in all next-gen formats and resolutions.


The SpeedSize™️ plugin AI-optimizes media with neuroscience technology, making the internet faster and sharper than ever seen before. We AI-analyze each media file to the pixel, eliminate the data the human brain cannot perceive and auto-deliver the perfect variation, customized to each unique device and browser. The result, up to 99% smaller media with the best possible perceptible visual quality, so that brands can present sharper, life-like visual experiences to their visitors. This drives more organic SEO traffic and increases revenue from conversions, making it the perfect tool for all online brands looking to scale.


At SpeedSize™, we don’t use any presets like every other compression platform. Each image is individually rendered to find the perfect size to quality ratio, so that the compression is not really compression at all. The results are undeniable…


Most Enterprise-level media optimization tools require a lot of manual labor. This means Complex APIs and coding processes. Alternatively, SpeedSize™️ offers an effortless integration, with all the customization you need to optimize your media individually. However, what’s so compelling about SpeedSize™️ is that you can optimize your site’s media automatically at any scale instantly with our WordPress plugin.

For the best results, use your original high-res images and videos, so our AI will make it appear identically sharp to the human eye, but up to 99% smaller. In nearly every case, the higher quality the original image, the better results we can deliver.


  • No visible quality loss — reach the highest quality resolution available online that loads instantly — Exclusive feature
  • PVCI – Psychovisual Compression Index – Quality assurance your media looks identical-to-original — Exclusive feature
  • Neuroscience optimized image recreation with no presets — Exclusive feature
  • Visually-lossless device adaptive resizing — Exclusive feature
  • AI content-aware cropping — Exclusive feature
  • Instant autoplay videos with no buffering time — Exclusive feature


  • Full image formats coverage (AVIF, WebP, JPEG-2000, JPEG -XR, JPEG, PNG, GIF, SVG)
  • Full video formats coverage ( AV1, VP9, HEVC, MP4)


To activate the plugin contact us at hi@speedsize.com. If you are already registered, please contact support@speedsize.com for any questions about integration and anything else you may need.


To learn more about SpeedSize™, see to our website.

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