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Using Speed, you can provide your customers with a user-friendly, secure, branded, and device-optimized experience for making bitcoin or stablecoin payments in just a few minutes.
You can install this plugin in your WordPress woocommerce store and begin accepting bitcoin or stablecoin payments right away.

Benefits of using Speed

  1. Transaction fees are significantly lower (1%) than for credit cards (2.9% -3.4%).
  2. There is no risk of chargebacks or fraudulent payments.
  3. Accept cross-border payments without the involvement of a bank. It’s simple to go global.
  4. Withdraw your balance in bitcoin, stablecoin, or fiat currency.
  5. There is no setup fee. Simply open your Speed account and install the plugin.
  6. It’s highly safe and private for you and your customer.

How does it work?

  1. The customer adds the items to their shopping cart and goes to checkout, where they choose “Bitcoin” as their checkout/payment method.
  2. A QR code payment is made, which shows the amount of BTC at a locked exchange rate for 10 minutes. (For example, an item that costs 100 USD at the current BTC rate costs 0.046 BTC.)
  3. Once the payment has been made, we send an instant confirmation. You’ll get a message, and you can check your balance on the Speed dashboard.
  4. You can withdraw BTC manually or set up payments to happen every day.

In order to use this plugin, you have to create an account on https://app.tryspeed.com/register

How do I test this plugin?

You can enable the plugin’s test mode, which allows you to simulate transactions.

How payment status work?

We do not yet enable automated order status changes to “Processing”. You would have to manually change the order status from “Payment pending” to “Completed” by checking the payment status in the Speed web app.

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