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The term Speed Optimization is the tactic to improve a website’s loading speed. Unarguably, site speed is one of the key factors for ensuring user experience. No one likes a slow site, even, search engines also penalize slow loading sites by dropping search rankings.

Therefore, like all the giant sites, you should also focus on optimizing your site for faster speed by minifying and cache scripts, styles, and many more.

Fast WP Speed is a new WordPress Plugin, maintained and operated by fastwpspeed, a company that offers speed optimization services. This plugin improves your Core Web Vitals scores by improving your website performance.

Once improving the site speed, you can evaluate the score using tools like Google Page Speed Insights, GTmetrix, Pingdom, WebPageTest, etc., and increase the site’s usability. This way, search engines will rank your site higher in the SERPs. And, this is what all webmasters are looking for, right?

Benefits of Fast WP Speed Plugin

Each second of delay can cause up to a 20% loss in conversion rates (source: Google). In fact, 53% of visits are likely to be abandoned if pages take longer than 3 seconds to load (source: Google again).

Then, they’ll start searching for your competitors and lead to your site with increased bounce rates. Now, you may understand how crucial loading speed is for search engines as well as the customers. When it comes to speed optimization, the first thing that webmasters require is running a test.

This is the situation, where Fast WP Speed comes into play to show you the core web vital scores of your site to measure your site performance. Fastwpspeed, a company with a team of skilled developers, who knows how to bring your site on the right track and make it super faster, and easier to crawl with minimal loading time.

Key Features

  • A 100% free Google page experience checker.
  • Takes only 60 seconds to provide the results.
  • Uses PageSpeed Insights API to measure the performance of your web page.
  • Show results based on the site’s performance, accessibility, best practices, and SEO.
  • Provides the specific results for your site’s FCP, Speed index, LCP, Time to Interactive, TBT, and CLS along with score scale.
  • You’ll also get to see opportunities and optimization suggestions to improve page loading time.
  • The best part, it allows viewing reports on Lighthouse with a single click.

We’re working on new features to provide more convenience and stay tuned with the new updates and major releases.

= About Fast WP Speed Services=

Speed optimization plugins perform greatly to optimize your site. On the other side, speed test tools are great to measure performance growth. But the fact is, if your site has poor setups, these plugins can’t perform well. To perform or implement speed optimization tactics, there are several factors for consideration.

That’s exactly what Fast WP Speed does. From server optimization to caching, to CDN setup, image optimization, database optimization, minify CSS and JS, plugins management, and lazy-load images it does everything. To know more in details, you can follow this link.


The fast WP Speed plugin works perfectly on almost all WordPress sites. Though there are minimal chances of having any issue with this plugin, still, if you face any issue, simply deactivate it and clean the cache of your browser and server.

If your theme or other plugins contain some old code that doesn’t compatible with Fast WP Speed’s code, then may some issues can raise. In that case, disabling and clearing cache is the ideal option. Once doing that, if the issue still remains that means, there are some other reasons that you should focus on.

ACC | Advanced Custom Code

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