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Core Web Vitals is the new ranking factor

Google announced that “Core Web Vitals” are going to be a significant ranking signal for websites. In fact, Core Web Vitals or the page experience signal is going to become a requirement for a page to appear in Google’s Top Stories.


  • Webp images: If images are slowing down your website, then converting them to WebP format can improve your page load speed test scores.
  • Lazy Load: Lazy loading allows your website to only load images when a user scrolls down to a specific image, which reduces website load time and improves website performance.
  • Minification: If you are trying to achieve 100/100 score on Google Pagespeed or GTMetrix tool, then minifying CSS and JavaScript will significantly improve your score.
  • Remove Unused CSS:Unused CSS is any CSS code added by your WordPress theme or plugins that you don’t really need. Removing this CSS code improves WordPress performance and user experience.
  • Google Fonts Optimizations: You may start noticing external resources like fonts affecting Google PageSpeed + load times. This is where loading Google Fonts locally comes into play.
  • Delay JavaScript Execution:You can delay JavaScript based on user interaction. This can be a great way to speed up the paint of the page for Google PageSpeed when something isn’t needed right away. Especially heavy third-party scripts like Google Adsense, Google Analytics etc.
  • Cache: Caching is one of the most important and easiest ways to speed up WordPress! it reduces the amount of work required to generate a page view. As a result, your web pages load much faster, directly from cache.


We try our best to provide support on forums. However, We have a special team support where you can ask us questions and get help. Delivering a good user experience means a lot to us and so we try our best to reply each and every question that gets asked.

Bug Reports

Bug reports for Core Web Vitals & PageSpeed Booster are welcomed on GitHub. Please note GitHub is not a support forum, and issues that aren’t properly qualified as bugs will be closed.


  • PHP CSS Parser library used – License URI: (PHP-CSS-Parser is freely distributable under the terms of an MIT-style license.)

On the plus side, site performance improved dramatically.
On the minus side, the navigation bar, popup box, and chat widget all disappeared.

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“Core Web Vitals & PageSpeed Booster” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.


1.0.6 (21st April 2022)

  • Improvement: Centralize all cache in single cache folder
  • Fixed: Improve exclude JS and combine
  • Added: Created option to clear all cache on one click
  • Added: Added lazy load on inline style background images also
  • Fixed: Improvement for AMP, AMP for WP, AMP Stories and AMPforWP Stories not apply optimization

1.0.5 (12th April 2022)

  • Fixed: Removed minify AMP #49
  • Fixed: Removed version from exclude js for gzip
  • Fixed: Critical css build by normal javascript
  • Fixed: Critical css file not create if content is blank
  • Added: Created Static cache method for caching strategy
  • Fixed: Proper fix for image lazy load
  • Fixed: Exclude merged javascript from js delay
  • Fixed: create disk cache and serve disk cache on php cache
  • Fixed: Minify html by replace new line
  • Added: Added exclude js from delay for ads load or any thing else

1.0.4 (31th March 2022)

  • Fixed: Feed url not shows properly #42
  • Fixed: Minification should not apply on feed #42
  • Resolved: Critical error with PHP Version 8.0 #38
  • Improvement: Added Module for Critical CSS

1.0.3 (16th February 2022)

  • Fixed: Icons not loading issue fixed #16

1.0.2 (21th January 2022)

  • Improvements: Added module where we can test all optimization on a particular URL #17
  • Improvements: UI Improvements #13
  • Fixed: Bugs with the latest user case #16

1.0.1 (20th December 2021)

  • Improvements: Added Gravatar Caching #11
  • Improvements: Option Panel Improved #2 #5 #6 #8
  • Fixed: Debug error #7 #10

1.0 (24th September 2021)

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