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Are you desperately looking for ways to increase your websites loading time? Stop searching! Quicq will serve all images on your website in the smallest possible size for all your current and future images automatically.

Quicq Benefits

Website visitors

  • Faster loading times
  • Lower hosting costs
  • Optimized images for every device
  • Lower bounce rates Longer time on page
  • Free forever plan with 25gb and 100.000 optimizations per month
  • Free 14 day trial for larger subscriptions


  • Image cropping using the url which allows you to put product feeds to instagram and facebook in the right sizes
  • Add watermarks to images
  • Blur images through the url
  • Adjust the quality of the image by means of the url
  • Cropping the image by means of the url


  • Upload images once (source) and always have all formats available and be flexible with changes (on the fly)
  • Upload images once and all file types are always available (jpg, png, webp, AVIF)
  • Less traffic/load on the web servers (only have to serve HTML)
  • Smart cropping
  • No need to install/connect a CDN yourself
  • No upfront costs
  • Future formats are supported


  • Easy implementation and onboarding
  • Free forever plan for your own website
  • Your own Afosto partner account
  • Monthly recurring commissions on all customers
  • Beautiful presentations for you and your customers
  • Premium partner support

Quicq Review video

Why use Quicq Image Optimizer?

Quicq is the all-inclusive solution that will satisfy all your image optimization needs. With
the wide range of functionalities and customization options, Quicq makes it extremely
easy to compress images in WordPress free of charge, improve your google page
speed, and wordpress site speed.

“How to optimize images in WordPress?” or “How to compress images WordPress?” are
common questions that can be answered easily.

Quicq is the best image optimize plugin for WordPress websites.

This image optimize WordPress plugin is equipped with all the necessary tools to
optimize photos in WordPress. Thanks to its beginner-friendly interface it is the best
image optimizer on WordPress.

Quicq optimizes your images in real-time and delivers high-quality images perfectly
sized for every device. You can start improving your WordPress website immediately
with an easy setup and minimum footprint.

No need to worry about image quality as Quicq will compress any image without a
visible quality drop.

By the way, image optimization is the most effective way to make your website load
super fast!

Quicq is developed to make your experience easier and save you time. With all the
features offered by Quicq you can freely concentrate on other aspects of your website
without thinking about image optimization and auto compress images in WordPress.

Key Functionalities

  • Quicq image optimizer for WordPress changes various next-gen image formats depending on the user’s device
  • Thanks to this free image optimizer in wordpress users can score for the Google Search Index
  • Users can optimize all WordPress images in the most convenient size for them
  • Hosting costs decrease due to this image optimization tool
  • This online image optimizer for wordpress does all the steps automatically. Users’ don’t need to optimize images manually
  • As all the images are compressed to the smallest possible size, the website’s score, time, and conversion increase.

The mentioned functionalities offered by Quicq image optimizer plugin WordPress make
users’ experience easier and smoother.

Thus if you’re searching for the best image optimizer WordPress 2022 that provides lazy
loading with a CDN and perfectly sized images, then you should definitely try Quicq.

Compress Images Automatically

With Quicq, images are automatically compressed, correctly sized to fit the page and device standards, lazy-loaded, and quickly converted to the next-gen WebP or AVIF formats.

Plugin Compatibility
Quicq has already been tested with hundreds of different WordPress plugins and themes. It’s highly recommended by them due to its advanced functionalities, customization options.

Image Optimization

Quicq uses advanced algorithms to provide a professional and lossless image
compression for the appealing image at the smallest possible size.


If you prefer to keep only the most interesting part of a certain image. Then, you can easily do it with Quicq cropping feature using the URL which allows you to put product feeds.

The cropping feature by Quicq will help you keep your images well-sized without losing focus.


There is no need to spend time adding watermarks to your images manually. Quicq will do the hard work for you. The only action you’re required to commit is setting Quicq up and choosing the area where you need watermarks. It’s a great technique to avoid plagiarism-related issues.

Smooth Installation

Quicq can easily be installed with a few steps and afterward left in the back-end to complete its task. Also, it has a clear uninstall process after which your website will be as just as before the Quicq installation.

Who can use the Quicq plugin?

Quicq free image optimizer WordPress plugin is flexible for everyone!

Website Developers can upload images only once and have all the file types and formats available for a lifetime. However, the plugin allows easy customization. So, users can customize the file types when needed.

Website Owners can highly benefit from this Quicq optimize images WordPress plugin. This best image optimization WordPress plugin allows users to add watermarks to their unique content and avoid plagiarism. Moreover, it is possible to crop the image with the help of a URL. As a result, users can upload their preferred images on different social media platforms in their required sizes.

Visitors benefit as they enter a website with a fast loading time. The images can be displayed on any device as they are responsive. The free plan is available for a lifetime. Even if users upgrade to the payable Pro version they get a 14-day free trial.


Afosto is a software company from The Netherlands. We aim to help our customers grow in a healthy, efficient and fun way by optimizing business processes with smart software solutions.

We develop microservices and software products based on the needs of our customer base. Want to know more about who we are and what we do? Find out more on our website:


Are you stuck in setting up Quicq for your website? We provide free one-on-one support! Just send an email to support at and we will help you with setting up Quicq.
Do you have feature requests or ideas on how to make Quicq even better? Please let us know! We love feedback and are constantly looking to improve our services.
Found a bug please report the issue through Github, and we will fix it ASAP.


The Quicq plugin uses the CDN from Quicq to serve your images to your website visitors. Quicq does not interact with the visitors of the website.

The images from your web are sent to our servers so we can compress and optimize them. his includes the transfer of EXIF data. The EXIF data will either be stripped or returned as it is. It is not stored on the Quicq servers.

You will find the terms of use of Quicq on our website


This plugin is written in collaboration with SnelWebCenter big thanks to their team for their continuous support and the fun collaboration!

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