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10Web Booster is the speed optimization plugin for improving the overall performance of any website.10Web Booster wants you to focus and thrive in the creative aspects of your WordPress website by allowing us to concentrate on your WordPress performance optimization.

Get a 90+ PageSpeed score and pass Core Web Vitals automatically. Rank higher on Google, increase conversions and grow your business.

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10Web Booster

Are you looking for a WordPress page speed plugin that’ll automatically speed up your WordPress site? Then 10Web Booster is exactly what you’re looking for!
Our WordPress performance plugin will transform your website in no time, enhancing the visitors’ user experience, SEO, engagement, and conversion rates.

10Web Booster works on desktop and mobile versions of websites of any complexity. Optimize your website pages, experiment with every mode we offer, and obtain rewarding results from the best WordPress speed plugin in the market.

Check out the extensive feature list of the 10Web Booster below and take a more detailed look at everything we offer


  • Automated 90+ PageSpeed
  • Optimized Core Web Vitals
  • Higher search engine rankings
  • Up to 7% boost in conversions
  • Up to 40% boost in visitor engagement
  • Up to 53% mobile traffic engagement boost

What’s in it

Optimization of homepage + 5 pages , embedded images included
10Web Booster is made possible thanks to dozens of technical optimizations:

CSS & HTML Minification & Compression

The minification and merger of CSS and HTML is the procedure of reducing file size by a couple of bytes. The significance of this stems from the fact that larger files require more resources which may slow down website load time.

JS Minification and Compression

Compression of lengthy algorithmic JS codes is standard practice. The crunching of JS code, meaning, the removal of all the extra spaces and comments reduces the time of downloading JavaScript, directly improving WordPress Speed.

Image Optimization

Image optimization leans on minimizing file size through image compression while simultaneously preserving image quality. 10Web’s image optimizations achieve that and more.

Defer JS and CSS Execution

Having content that’s immediately visible when a user opens your website is only possible with file load optimization through prioritization of important CSS and deferral of JavaScript. That’s how 10Web booster ensures a 90+ page speed score as the best WordPress speed plugin.

Critical CSS

Downloading complete CSS files hinder the perceived speed of your WordPress website. After the user visits the webpages, initially, the minimum-necessary stylesheets for the proper rendering of the webpage’s visible content are loaded, while the rest is served per need. Critical CSS doesn’t block page rendering and assists in passing the Core Web Vitals.

Image Lazy load

Giving in to the attention span of your website user is how you improve WordPress speed. Lazy loading images and executing only crucial information in the first seconds is how you achieve that. images that keep your website’s latency low and your speed high decrease bounce rate and work to your advantage.

Font Swap

The reduction and optimization of how web fonts load could potentially help in passing the Core Web Vitals assessment, thus, benefit your ranking on Google.
Since the competition is off the charts, every millisecond counts, for the following purpose your content will be displayed in a generic font, thus, bridging the time until your original font style is set up

Conversion of Image Format to WebP

WebP compression studies prove that a WebP image file on average is:
25-34% smaller than a comparable JPEG image
26% smaller than a comparable PNG image
So it’s only logical that this conversion would substantially affect and improve WordPress speed

iFrame and Video Lazy load

From images to video ads there is a range of content on your website that isn’t visible unless the user scrolls down.
The user shouldn’t be forced to download hefty data when they don’t scroll.
10Web Booster signifies this concept as users should never have to pay the price of a slower website for no good reason.

Container-specific Image Resizing

With 10Web Booster, instead of forcing your website to load an enormous image when the user’s only looking for a thumbnail, you’ll have a container-specific image at your disposal.

10Web Booster Pro

Full frontend optimization of the entire website and all images

Backend optimization

Speed Optimization Modes

When your automated homepage optimization kicks off, we test out each and every one of the 4 modes. Consequently, we compare the results, and, as presumed, the mode that achieved the highest score while simultaneously keeping your website from breaking, will be set as your default.

You can choose any of the following four modes and manage the modes for each page individually from the Custom rules tab in your dashboard.

  • Standard Mode: – Uses different standard speed optimization techniques.
  • Balanced Mode: – All optimization techniques in Standard Mode + Critical CSS
  • Strong Mode: – All optimization techniques in Standard Mode + JS Delay.
  • Extreme Mode: – All optimization techniques in Balanced Mode + JS Delay. It may cause issues in some cases.


If you think you found a bug in 10Web Booster or have any problem/question concerning the plugin, please check out Support Forum in our website.

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