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Easily create a glossary, encyclopedia or dictionary of your terms and show responsive tooltips when users hover over the terms. New 2021 Version!

CM Glossary Tooltip is a WordPress plugin that enables you to check posts or pages for defined glossary terms, by adding links to a glossary term page that contains the definition of the term used.

The CM Tooltip Glossary plugin displays a tooltip containing the definition when users hover over the specific term.

The CM Tooltip Glossary plugin also creates a responsive glossary index with all tooltip glossary terms used.

This tooltip plugin allows users to add unlimited tooltips to a site or within a glossary of terms.

The Pro editions of the tooltip plugin for WordPress include even more powerful features, such as: audio and video tooltips, Wikipedia, Google Translate and Merriam-Webster integrations, terms with abbreviations and variations, multiple glossaries, several index templates and much more.

The CM tooltip glossary plugin integrates easily with external data from dictionaries, thesauruses, and Wikipedia.

Add-Ons & Extensions


(Some might include pro features)

  • Dictionary – Creates a dictionary of specifically used terms on your site.
  • Tooltip – Adds tooltip as an anchor to predefined terms that are contained in your site.
  • Knowledge base – Creates a knowledge base of useful terms and definitions.
  • Encyclopaedia – Builds an internal Encyclopaedia for your site.
  • Synonyms – Keeps and displays synonyms of terms that you are using
  • Lexicon – Builds a lexicon of terms.
  • Vocabulary – Builds a vocabulary of custom words and expressions.
  • Explanations – Explains the meanings of words in your posts or pages.
  • Translate – Translates terms and definitions into any defined language using Google Translate.
  • Wikipedia – Add Wikipedia content to your site.
  • YouTube – Show YouTube / Vimeo videos once hovering over a term
  • Music – Include mp3 voice or music file for each tooltip
  • Amazon – Enhance your site with Tooltips including Amazon product recommendation

List of Free Features

  • Automatically generates a Glossary index of terms. Example
  • Ability to show the A-Z Glossary index as a list or as tiles.
  • The Glossary index is limited by 500 terms.
  • Each glossary term has its own unique post. Example
  • The tooltip window can optionally appear when the term is hovered over by the cursor. Example
  • Term pages can be linked directly from posts or pages.
  • Several filters to optimize the Tooltip window and limit the length of description displayed.
  • Prevents the glossary from parsing text, when needed, by using a Shortcode [glossary_exclude] text [/glossary_exclude].
  • Forces the glossary to parse text, when needed, by using a Shortcode [cm_tooltip_parse] text [/cm_tooltip_parse].
  • Support Excerpts (if they exist) as a hover-over text that appears in the Tooltip window.
  • Control the location and area where the Tooltip appears (pages, posts, homepage)
  • Control if the Tooltip should appear more than once.
  • Supports UTF-8

List of Pro Features

  • Includes all features of the Free Version.
  • The Glossary index can show unlimited number of glossary terms.
  • Optimized for fast work with large glossaries.
  • Ability to show glossary terms in all custom post types.
  • Allows to define how many terms to show in the Index page and where to place the pagination navigation.
  • Support import and export of terms to and from the glossary using a CSV file format.
  • Support import and export of settings to and from the glossary using a CSV file format.
  • Customize tooltip style (font, size, colors).
  • Allows to display related posts and terms.
  • Multisite support.
  • Supports using synonyms and variations to each term.
  • Mobile friendly.
  • Supports changing permalink structure for glossary terms.
  • Fully compatible with the WPML plugin.
  • Allows to parse the ACF fields with of various(selectable) types.
  • Allows to disable creation of the glossary term pages
  • (NEW) Allows to display glossary terms as footnotes instead of tooltips
  • Over 130 configuration options in total!

List of Pro+ Features

  • Includes all features of the Free and Pro Versions.
  • Allows to choose one from over 18 templates for the Glossary Index page
  • (NEW) Supports the whitelist/blacklist of terms on individual posts and or whole categories
  • (NEW) Supports for the alternative meanings for the same term
  • Supports adding and displaying a featured image to the terms tooltip.
  • Supports customizing the term page template.
  • Supports displaying “Share This” widget for sharing terms in social medias.
  • Supports Google Translate integration.
  • Supports creating and displaying multiple glossary categories.
  • Shows a search box in the Glossary page.
  • Over 10 helpful shortcodes.
  • Supports integration with Merriam-Webster Dictionary and Thesaurus
  • Search & Replace engine allows to parse and replace terms on the fly.
  • Eastern languages support allows to parse terms without spaces between them.
  • Support adding abbreviation to each term.
  • Highlights terms in comments section.
  • Includes a frontend turn tooltip on/off button.
  • Over 240 configuration options in total!

List of Ecommerce Features

  • Includes all features of the Free, Pro and Pro+ Versions.
  • (NEW) Supports ChatGPT integration
  • Supports for defining terms in different languages
  • Supports adding a custom link to the terms
  • Supports embedding audio in a tooltip.
  • Supports embedding video in a tooltip.
  • Supports Wikipedia and Wiktionary integration.
  • Supports creating a multilanguage glossary.
  • Supports Amazon Products integration.
  • Supports WooCommerce Products integration.
  • Supports adding tags to terms.
  • Double click support allows to show a definition from an alternative source.
  • Allows to parse an image Alt tag to show a tooltip.
  • Supports the order in which similar terms are parsed.
  • Allows site visitors to embed your terms on their site using an iframe.
  • Supports more than one definition for the same term.
  • Over 300 configuration options in total!

Code and Style Issues

The Tooltip is created with JavaScript and is based on the article written by Michael Leigeber here The Tooltip can be customized and styled through the tooltip.css and tooltip.js files.
The alphabetical index for the Glossary index is based on jQuery ListNav Plugin


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Release Date: 15th March 2023
* Bug: Small bugfixes
* Improvement: Improved the performance of the Glossary Index, rewritten the caching system to speed up the sorting


Release Date: 25th Feb 2023
* (ONLY IN Ecommerce version!) New Feature: ChatGPT integration
* Improvement: Changed the way synonyms/variants/abbreviations are working internally
* Improvement: Performance related code tweaks (for Glossary Index mostly)
* Improvement: Editlink in toolitp now opens in the new tab
* Bug: Fixed the bug that stopped the synonyms from being parsed in correct order
* Bug: Fixed the bug that caused synonyms to appear in the wrong letter (same as the base term)
* Bug: Fixed the warning about the “forceHighlight” variable not being defined
* Bug: Fixed the bug with the underline styles of the parsed terms
* Bug: Fixed some deprecated warnings for PHP 8.2


Release Date: 29th Dec 2022
* Bug: Fixed the warning about the “forceHighlight” variable not being defined
* Bug: Fixed the bug with the underline styles of the parsed terms


Release Date: 17th Dec 2022
* Improvement: Improved the performance of the parsing when the “Highlight first term occurrence” is enabled
* Improvement/debug: Added the option to rename the [glossary] shortcode
* Improved: Added the clarified description of features in all the plugin versions
* Bug: Fixed bug which stopped one of the setting tabs from collapsing


Release Date: 9th Nov 2022
* Replace Internal support links


Release Date: 30th Oct 2022
* Bug: Fixed the issue with tooltips not beign closed on mouse out


Release Date: 20th Oct 2022
* Bug: Fixed the fatal error


Release Date: 20th Oct 2022

  • Bug: Fixed the positioning of the tooltip on the keyboard focus
  • General bugfixes


Release Date: 6th Sep 2022


Release Date: 22nd May 2022

  • Bug fix and compatibility to WP 6

4.0.5 29th

Release Date: Jan 2022

  • Fixed bugs
  • Improved the builders compatibility (Oxygen builder, Elementor)


Release Date: 31st Aug 2021

  • Fixed the issue with the missing aria-label
  • Fixed the missing esc for attributes in shortcode


Release Date: 26th July 2021

  • Fixed the bug in the comment count
  • Fixed the bug in settings


Release Date: 13th July 2021

  • Re-added the option to distinguish between case sensitive/case insensitive term search
  • Fixed the issue with the text widgets parsing
  • Fixed the PHP 8.0.0 bug


Release Date: 9th July 2021

  • Fixed the bug in AMP class
  • Added the option to hide from search results


Release Date: 25th June 2021

  • Improved WCAG compliance
  • Fixed the package issue
  • Fixed the delay when showing tooltips

Earlier versions

For the changelog of earlier versions, please refer to the changelog on

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