Security & Malware scan by CleanTalk – WordPress plugin
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Security features

  • Security FireWall to filter access to your site by IP, Networks or Countries
  • Web Application Security Firewall
  • Security Malware scanner with AntiVirus functions
  • Daily auto malware scan
  • Stops brute force attacks to hack passwords
  • Stops brute force attacks to find WordPress accounts
  • Limit Login Attempts
  • Security Protection for WordPress login form
  • Security Protection for WordPress backend
  • Security daily report to email
  • Security audit log
  • Real-time traffic monitor
  • Checking Outbound Links
  • Two Factor Authentication
  • No Malware – No Google Penalties. Give your SEO boost.

CleanTalk is a Cloud security service that protects your website from online threats and provides you great security instruments to control your website security. We provide detailed security stats for all of our security features to have a full control of security. All security logs are stored in the cloud for 45 days.

Security FireWall by CleanTalk is a free plugin which works with the premium Cloud security service This security plugin as a service

Malware always becomes a headache for site owners. If you don’t regularly check for malware, it will be able to work insensibly a lot of time and damage your reputation. If you prevent malware attacks before they happen, you will be able to save your resources.

What is malware and why does it matter to your business? Malware is malicious code that performs actions for hackers. If your site has been infected with malware it will be able a problem for customer trust and their personal details.

First, you need to scan your site to confirm the malware exists. The next step you should fix all files with malware.

Limit Login Attempts

Limit Login Attempts – is a part of brute-force protection and security firewall. Each time, when login/pass was wrong, plugin set the first timeout for 5 attempts within 3 sec, for next attempts timeout will be set to 10 sec.

Security Firewall has a limit for requests to your website (by default 1000 requests per hour, so you can change it) and if any IP exceed this threshold it will be added to security firewall for next 24 hours. It allows you to break some of the DDoS attacks.

Brute Force Protection

It adds a few seconds delay for any failed attempt to login to WordPress admin area. WordPress Security & Firewall by CleanTalk makes access to your website more secure. Service will check your security log once per hour and if some IP’s have 10 and more attempts to log in per hour, then these IP’s will be banned for next 24 hours.

Security Audit Log keeps track of actions in the WP Dashboard to let you know what is happening on your blog.
With the Security Audit Log is very easy to see user activity in order to understand what changes have done and who made them.
Security Audit Log shows who logged in and when and how much time they spent on each page.

Security Traffic Control

CleanTalk security Traffic Control will track every single visitor no matter if they are using JavaScript or not and provides many valuable traffic parameters.

Another option in Security Traffic Control – “Block user after requests amounts more than” – blocks access to the site for any IP that has exceeded the number of HTTP requests per hour. The number of requests can be set in the settings, the default is 1000. If this number of requests will be exceeded, this IP will be added to the Security FireWall Black List for 24 hours. This is an effective measure against DoS attacks and reduces a load on your web server.

Security Firewall

To enhance the security of your site, you can use the CleanTalk Security FireWall, which will allow you to block access by HTTP/HTTPS to your website for individual IP addresses, IP networks and block access to users from specific countries. Use personal BlackList to block IP addresses with a suspicious activity to enhance the WordPress security.

BlackIPs Database — is the database of the most active IP addresses where massive spam and brute force attacks come from. When IP starts attacking a few websites they are immediately added to the blacklist. IPs that stop attacking are being removed over time and that time is relatively short — usually about 2 weeks.

Security FireWall may significantly reduce the risk of hacking and reduces the load on your web server.

CleanTalk Security is fully compatible with the most popular VPN services.
Also, CleanTalk security supports all search engines Google, Bing, Yahoo, Baidu, MSN, Yandex and etc.

Security Malware Scanner

Scans WordPress files for hacker files or code for hacker code.

Security Malware Scanner runs manually in the settings. All of the results will send in your CleanTalk Dashboard with the details and you will be able to investigate them and see if that was a legitimate change or some bad code was injected.

If any files have changed in your WordPress system you will be able to delete them or restore the original WP files.

CleanTalk Antivirus protects your website from viruses and deletes infected code from files. Antivirus scans not only WP core, it will check all of the files on your WordPress. Heuristics antivirus scan allows finding malware/viruses code by bad php constructions.

“Feedback System” for analyzing suspicious files. This is the client-server feature in CleanTalk Security that allows sending suspicious files from the WordPress backend to CleanTalk cloud.

Security Malware Scanner shows a list of suspicious files and you can view code that was indicated as bad. If you don’t have a programming experience and don’t know, is there a bad code or not, you will be able to send some files to CleanTalk and we will check them for malware code. After checking we will send you an email notification with results, is there viruses or not.

Every day, CleanTalk Security Malware Scanner will check new files and files that have been changed from the last scanning. The auto scan launches in the background and hasn’t effect at the performance.

Please, look at our guide How malware file analysis works.
About Scanner Feedback System

Checking Outbound Links

Outbound links have an effect on your SEO and when search crawls your web pages all of the outbound links may be an important thing for page ranking.

This option allows you to let know the number of outgoing links from your website and websites on which they linking to. All websites will be checked by our Database and will show results if they were used as links in spam messages. it allows you to check your website and find hidden links or spam links.

You should always remember if you have links to other websites which have a bad reputation, it will be able to have an effect your on visitor’s trust and your SEO.

Malware Heuristic Check

This option allows you to check files of plugins and themes with heuristic analysis. Probably it will find more than you expect.

The core files are files that go with WordPress distributive. Any other PHP files laying in WordPress directory (except /wp-content/) are unknown and should be properly scanned. Even if we found something in these files they will also show up in the Unknown category to let you know that they are third-party files.

Every file in /wp-content/* will be checked with a heuristic. And the check can find many interesting. If you see there many finds, don’t panic, it shows you only possible weak spots.

Malware Heuristic analyses the code by simplifying it and looks for suspicious functions and constructs which are usually used by hackers. For example eval construct and much other suspicious stuff.

Security Malware scanner to find SQL Injections

What is SQL injection?

This is an attack on the database, which will allow performing some action that was not planned by the script creator.

SQL injection is one of the most accessible ways to hack a site. With using it, hackers “read” the contents of any tables, delete, modify or add information to the database, overwrite the contents of local files and give commands to execute arbitrary commands. In other words, they completely intercept the management of the attacked site.
The essence of such injections is the introduction of arbitrary SQL code into data (transmitted via GET, POST requests or Cookie values). If the site is vulnerable and performs such injections, then in fact there is an opportunity to create from the database (most often it’s MySQL) anything.

The CleanTalk Security Malware Scanner allows you to find code that allows performing SQL injection. It is this problem that the scanner solves.

CleanTalk Web Application FireWall for WordPress Security Plugin

The main purpose of Web Application FireWall is to protect the Web application from unauthorized access, even if there are critical vulnerabilities.

It allows you to protect Web applications from known and unknown attacks. Its use is transparent to all visitors to the website and does not require knowing how is HTTP working and allows very accurate filtering, supports both GET and POST methods, requests to dynamic resources.

Security Web Application FireWall catches all requests to your website and checks HTTP parameters that include: SQL Injection, Cross Site Scripting (XSS), uploading files from non-authorised users, PHP constructions/code, the presence of malicious code in the downloaded files.

So, if HTTP request contains these parameters then this request will be blocked. The special page and reason for blocking will show for blocked requests.

In addition to effective information security and information security applications are required to know what is quality of protection and CleanTalk Security has logged all blocked requests that allow you to know and analyze accurate information. You can see your Cleantalk Security Logs in your Control panel.

CleanTalk Web Application FireWall for WordPress is the proactive defense against known and unknown vulnerabilities to prevent hacks in real-time.

Learn more how to set up and test
About Security Web Application Firewall

Improve your website security with Two Factor Authentication

It requires a bit of your time but Two Factor (2 Step) Authentication immediately gives a much higher level of security.

With your first authorization, the CleanTalk Security plugin remembers your browser and you won’t have to input your authorization code every time anymore. However, if you started to use a new device or a new browser then you are required to input your authorization code. CleanTalk security plugin will remember your browser for 30 days.

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