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Number 1(#1) free multivendor marketplace plugin for a perfect eCommerce website.

Ever dreamt of having a store like Amazon, eBay, etsy, AirBnB or Flipkart? Then WC Marketplace will turn your dreams into a reality.
You will have an online eCommerce store setup, where multiple merchants, vendors, traders or sellers can sell goods or services to customers in no time. ☺

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Customer Benefits
Vendor Benefits
Admin Benefits

WC Marketplace – brings you, your easiest and one stop solution to build a perfect online marketplace website.

Why choose WC Marketplace?

There are numerous competitors on similar grounds, then why WCMp?
Let’s list down facts so that we can answer your question and simplify your choice.

Fact #1: Highest 5 star rated marketplace plugin.

WC Marketplace is a free marketplace solution with extremely powerful and top market level features. Think of any eCommerce based multivendor marketplace and you can recreate the same with WC Marketplace. You are getting all the best features for zero payment.

Fact #2: An acclaimed 5 star rated support team.

Facing a hard to explain issue? Or a simple plugin conflict? Maybe, an issue with WCMp you’ve already debugged? Or maybe, just an issue, you are not sure of? WC Marketplace support team will listen to you patiently and solve your problems in the blink of an eye. Come, try WC Marketplace and it’s set of talented support engineers.

Fact #3: Value for customers.

At WCMp, we believe in family. Once, you’ve placed your trust in us, you are our family. If you are facing a trouble with your website, we’ll be up on our toes to provide all the help we can. Our customers have also become our contributors. Found a bug? Or shared a piece of code that can help with the development? Or a simple language fix? Maybe just an idea? Your smallest contribution counts. See here.

Fact #4: Regular updates.

WC Marketplace will never compromise with your security. It provides regular updates to prevent any sort of vulnerabilities and to stay updated with the latest multivendor marketplace trends. Found a feature on Amazon yesterday? It might just be there on the priority list in the next WCMp update.

Fact #4: A vast knowledgebase and documentation.

WC Marketplace provides a thorough guide on how to setup your multivendor marketplace. Read through each document carefully and carry out the necessary steps to have a fully functional and equipped eCommerce marketplace solution that is ready to take on the best in market competition.

Fact #5: So much and for free.

Lastly, you get all the goodness of WCMp and much more simply for free.

So, the answer is simple – From why choose WC Marketplace to why not choose WC Marketplace?

An eCommerce multivendor marketplace solution is all about simpler and better user (customer’s, vendor’s and admin’s) experience. Interested? Read on to find out more.

What is the customer experience like?

Insights from future WCMp for customers:
Customer’s question and answer tab
Live Order tracking
Return and Refund Module
Support Ticket Module

With so much for customers, what’s in store for the vendors?

✓ In terms of Product Management:

✓ Coupon Management:

✓ Shipping and Tax Management:

✓ For Order Management:

✓ Coming to, Vendor’s Commissions:

What would the admin’s experience be with WC Marketplace?

Simply hassle-free with just initial setups.

✓ Incase of Product Management:

✓ Coupon Management:

✓ In terms of admin’s control over vendor’s capability:

✓ Shipping and Tax Management:

✓ Configuring vendor’s commissions:

Insights from future WCMp for admin:
Vendor verification via SMS and email
Product Approval module
To-Do List and Announcement Enhancement

Take a step forward and try our demo.

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