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Previously known as “WooCustomizer”

Are you tired of creating child themes or adding multiple plugins to customize WooCommerce?

WooCommerce offers a lot of action and filter hooks to further Customize WooCommerce… the only problem is, you need to add your own custom php code snippets to edit these WooCommerce elements.

Introducing StoreCustomizer, a free WooCommerce customizer plugin, and your answer to editing WooCommerce store and product pages, cart and checkout pages and also your user account page.

Requires WooCommerce Plugin

StoreCustomizer DOES NOT override WooCommerce templates, it adds extra design options to your existing theme store design

If something doesn’t work? Get in contact and we’ll help as best we can.

StoreCustomizer Top Features

Add Login / Logout menu item to a selected WP/theme menu area
Add Product sales statistics for Admin users on the website front-end
Customize Shop & Product Pages by editing or removing any page elements
Edit font size and color for WooCommerce Shop & Product pages & Cart/Checkout elements
Customize the design of all store buttons for Shop & Product pages & Cart/Checkout pages
Edit ‘On Sale’ banners text and colors
Edit User Account tabs and tab content headings
Edit or Remove Product Page Tabs and edit tab headings
Add a ‘Continue Shopping’ button to your store product pages
Remove basic checkout fields on WooCommerce Checkout page
Add a ‘Back to Shop’ button to your cart page
Add “New Product” badges to products created within a specified number of days
Auto / Ajax Update Cart when amount is changed on cart page
✅ Select the login redirect page or logout redirect page and edit the menu item text
‘Add To Cart’ Increments – Set Min & Max values for ‘Add To Cart’ inputs, plus the increment value
🔸 Plus lots more

StoreCustomizer is useful because

🔸 No more creating a child theme to add WooCommerce code snippets
🔸 Offers extra design options for WooCommerce elements that your theme doesn’t
🔸 All settings built into the WP Customizer so you can edit visually in a live environment
🔸 StoreCustomizer is built to be lightweight… adding only the code that is needed, when it’s needed
🔸 We offer dedicated support for those extra elements you need help with, even if StoreCustomizer can’t do it
🔸 Plus lots more

Fast & Intuitive

StoreCustomizer is built to be a fast & lightweight, easy to work with WooCommerce extension for customizing WooCommerce.

With all the settings built into the WordPress Customizer, you can enjoy editing your WooCommerce store visually in the live environment of the Customizer… See your changes happen as you edit.

StoreCustomizer only includes the code that is activated and that it needs to ensure that StoreCustomizer is lightweight and fast.


StoreCustomizer does not exclude premium functionality to try get you to upgrade, it offers these Pro features as an extra, to enhance WooCommerce even more!

User 5 Star Rating: This is by far in the top 3 of WP plugins, from all points of view: functionality, GUI, reliability, options… you name it. The only reason I don’t put it on the 1st place is because I just don’t know what other great plugins are out there but, on my personal book, this is definetely number one. For sure it’s worth every penny.

These are extra features you’ll get to modify WooCommerce even more to increase sales and create a beautiful online eCommerce store.

See if StoreCustomizer Pro offers what you want:

Try Out The StoreCustomizer Pro Settings

**Included with StoreCustomizer Pro:**

🔸 Catalogue Mode for WooCommerce

Easily remove the ‘Add to Cart’ and Purchase functionality from your WooCommerce shop, turning your online store into a beautiful online WooCommerce catalogue.

Set WooCommerce Catalogue Mode for the time being, or leave it on permanently.

Apply Catalogue Mode settings to all WooCommerce products, only selected products, or only for users that are not logged in, prompting users to create an account and log in to purchase your store products.

See Video Overview

🔸 Product Quick View for WooCommerce

Let users browse quicker through your online WooCommerce store with Product Quick View for WooCommerce.

Give your users the option to quickly preview your products and easily ‘Add to Cart’, or browse the image gallery from within a quick view popup on your WooCommerce Shop page, or click through to the Product Single page after they’ve seen it all.

Product Quick View for WooCommerce offers a neat popup on Product and Category Shop pages, and comes with extra settings to configure the popup and make the Product Quick View popup suit your WooCommerce store design.

See Video Overview

🔸 WooCommerce Ajax Product Search

Help users to browse through and find your WooCommerce products quicker with WooCommerce Ajax Search.

Add a simple Ajax Product Search anywhere using a shortcode, and configure the settings to display a prediction of your WooCommerce products when your users start typingin the Ajax Search bar.

Add multiple Ajax Search bars as widgets anywhere on your site, or simply click to add an Ajax Search to the top of your WooCommerce Shop page & configure the settings to fit your WooCommerce store design.

See Video Overview

🔸 Menu Cart for WooCommerce

Your theme doesn’t offer a neat WooCommerce Menu Cart in the main navigation area?

Simply turn on Menu Cart for your WooCommerce store and select which menu you’d like to display a WooCommerce cart in, or add a Cart items anywhere using the Menu Cart shortcode.

Set the cart to display only on WooCommerce Shop pages or to only show if the cart contains products.

Your store shoppers can easily and quickly view their WooCommerce shopping cart with an optional drop down basket/mini cart, they can add or remove WooCommerce Cart products or checkout from the WooCommerce Menu Cart.

See Video Overview

🔸 WooCommerce Custom Thank You Pages

The after purchase Thank You page for WooCommerce is a very powerful place to get your users to sign up to your newsletter, show how to use the products they’ve just bought, or to advertise other products you sell online that they might be interested in… They have just purchased something from you so they do already trust you and want your products.

You can choose to redirect your customer to your new default Custom WooCommerce Thank You page, redirect them to different Custom Thank You pages depending on the products they’ve just bought, or to different Custom Thank You pages depending how they purchased the products and what payment method they used on your WooCommerce store.

Build your own Custom Thank You pages for WooCommerce using the default Gutenberg editor, Elementor, Beaver Builder, SiteOrigin or any other page builder you choose.

See Video Overview

🔸 HandHeld Menu Bar

StoreCustomizer Pro also offers a new, neat handheld (mobile) footer navigation bar to help your users easily navigate your products or website, or proceed to the cart or checkout pages, and aimed to help users convert better when browsing your website on mobile or tablet devices.

Easily include the StoreCustomizer Ajax Search functionality within this new mobile navigation bar, and give your users an even easier way to browse around your WooCommerce store.

Handheld Footer Bar comes with default WooCommerce page links and search bar functionality included, as well as the option to add your own custom links and change the design colors too.

See Video Overview

🔸 Custom Product Badges

Do you want fancy badges for your WooCommerce Products?

The next Pro feature coming with StoreCustomizer is custom Product Badges for WooCommerce.

WooCommerce Product Badges will let you easily add great looking product badges to your WooCommerce shop and product pages, plus extra features to customize the badges to suit your online WooCommerce store.

See Video Overview

Extra Pro Features include

🔸 Add new WooCommerce user Account tabs
🔸 Easily build your new Account Tabs using the Gutenberg editor, Elementor Page Builder, SiteOrigin Page Builder, Divi Builder or any other page builder of your choice
🔸 Add Plus & Minus increment buttons to the Product Single page ‘Add To Cart’ input

View StoreCustomizer Pro features & see videos on what each premium feature offers.


Translations currently available for StoreCustomizer:
– Dutch – (nl_NL)
– Italian – (it_IT)
– French – (fr_FR)
– Spanish – (es_ES)
– Swedish – (sv_SE)

We’re always needing new translations, so please contact us here if you are willing to help translate StoreCustomizer into a language that we don’t have yet.

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