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Reimagine the Way You Use the WordPress Block Editor

Stackable is a block library that is one of the first, most expansive, and highly rated plugins made specially for the new WordPress Block Editor (Gutenberg).

Stackable adds essential custom blocks to give you a true page builder experience inside the Block Editor. Stackable gives you a suite of high quality blocks, each with their own precise page builder options that let you build the perfect website and landing page that you envision.

With Stackable, you get:

  • 24 Quality Page Building Blocks for Gutenberg
  • 50+ Block Layouts and 70+ Pre-set Section / Block Designs that can be switched with just one click
  • Page Builder-like tabbed options
  • Advanced and diverse web design options,
  • Responsive customization controls to precisely design your blocks for tablet and mobile visitors
  • Built-in Section / Background controls for the easiest way to build page sections using only a single block
  • Versatile image and color options, hover effects and separators / shape dividers
  • Detailed responsiveness options

Whether you are a DIYer, business owner, graphic artist or a web agency, Stackable is just the WordPress custom block collection you’ve been waiting for.

See Stackable in action by checking out our demo. Visit our website (made with Gutenberg + Stackable blocks) to learn even more about Stackable.

The Easiest and Most Straightforward Way to Build Page Sections

Stackable lets you reimagine the way you use the WordPress Block Editor for a truly easy and intuitive way of building stunning web pages. With Stackable, you can build entire page sections by using a single block with the built-in section / background controls. There’s really nothing like it.

Stackable blocks are designed to be highly versatile and usable either as:

  1. units that can be combined with other blocks, or
  2. stand-alone sections, which can easily be achieved by turning on the block background settings (a uniquely Stackable feature).

Having this flexibility makes Stackable an all-in-one tool for building your website.

Stunning Layouts and Pre-set Section / Block Designs

Together with this new way of building sections, we’ll start you off with great built-in multiple block layouts and pre-set section / block designs. All our designs are stunning, professionally-made and ready-to-use.

Unlike any other block library, our pre-set section / block designs are cohesive across almost all blocks, making them truly useable for building full websites. Gain access to a very diverse collection of pre-set designs and layouts which are all interchangeable with one click!

We have absolutely the best and most expansive design collection with 50+ block layouts and 60+ pre-set design sections (with more on the way!).

Design with Powerful Precision Controls in an Intuitive UI

Stackable now offers the most advanced block design controls with the widest range of design settings. With this block collection, enjoy:

  • Intuitive and easy to use block design settings for the easiest page building experience for casual users like entrepreneurs, bloggers, and DIYers
  • Highly advanced precision options for professionals and advanced users
  • Detailed block settings include:
    • Highly adjustable column and block background options including single tint, gradient tint, image and video
    • Flexible typography options including text highlight options
    • Cutting-edge color settings including built-in gradient tint and gradient blend mode options
    • Advanced image settings and responsive image loading
    • Precision controls for block dimensions, spacing and alignment
    • Highly detailed responsiveness block options for pixel perfect tablet and mobile designs
    • Built-in separators / shape dividers for each block

All of Stackable’s powerful options are easily managed in an intuitive UI for a smooth block editing experience. This is achieved by our three-tab configuration, easy toggle on/off for block elements, and streamlined settings.

A Truly Useful Block Library with 24 Quality Gutenberg Blocks

We’ve come up with page building blocks that are all functional and stunning. We’ve put in the design effort so you can enjoy a truly usable and quality block collection for the new WordPress block editor (Gutenberg).

Stackable WordPress Theme

Get our WordPress theme that’s beautiful & flexible, Gutenberg-ready and made especially for Stackable blocks and the new WordPress editor. Download the Stackable Theme now.

Stackable Premium

Stackable Premium extends the capabilities of Stackable and the new WordPress editor to give you the smoothest page building experience. Using the core Stackable Philosophy of balancing utility and great design, Stackable Premium offers:

  • Premium Block Layouts and Pre-Set Section / Block Designs
  • Premium hover and image box effects
  • Three-layer separators
  • Premium functionality and design options with guided CSS customizer, 50+ blob image shape options, option to use different image shapes for different columns, advanced settings for column spacing, and custom post types for Posts Block
  • Premium updates and focused one-on-one customer care (1 year)

While you can create great pages with Stackable, Stackable Premium lets you do so much more.

Try out a live demo of Stackable Premium

Stackable Blocks

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Learn More About Stackable – Gutenberg Blocks

This plugin provides 25 blocks.

Call to Action
Advanced Columns & Grid
Count Up
Design Library
Expand / Show More
Feature Grid
Icon List
Image Box
Number Box
Pricing Box
Team Member
Video Popup

Minimum Requirements

You’ll need WordPress version 5.0 or higher for this to work.

What are blocks?

Blocks are the new shortcodes in WordPress 5.0 / Gutenberg.

They’re the basic elements that you add into your content to build your pages, like buttons, cards, videos, etc.

Stackable gives you lots of awesome blocks for you to create awesome landing pages and front pages.

Can I use this with other block plugins?

Yes! Stackable blocks play well with other blocks.

Can I use this add-on for other page builders I’m using?

Nope. Stackable only works with Gutenberg, the new WordPress editor.

Stackable makes my web design more fun.

Sometimes a plugin comes along that just makes my day. Stackable is one of them, felt like I hit the lotto today 🙂

Easy to use and layouts are darn near perfect. Lot bang for free that many plugins want to charge you for.

Thank you Stackable team for sharing this plugin with the community.

Awesome feature and modul

Отличный плагин для редактора блоков. Расширяет стандартный функционал и ускоряет работу с UI

Great plugin, necessary. I recommend it to everyone!

Some great designs & styling Benjamin, highly recommended

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“Stackable – Page Builder Gutenberg Blocks” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.



Introducing the Advanced Columns & Grid Block

  • New: Advanced Columns & Grid Block
  • Fixed: Inspector may get a horizontal scrollbar
  • Fixed: Initial position of range controls now position correctly again
  • Fixed: Container Advanced > Block Spacing > Max. Content Width also affects nested blocks
  • Fixed: Wide widths with block background turned on would also make their nested blocks go wide in the editor


  • Fixed: WordPress 5.4 compatibility
  • Fixed: Mobile responsiveness of the Horizontal layout of the Feature Grid block


  • Fixed: Button text hover color styling issue


Introducing the Design Library and New Block Designs

  • New: Design Library
  • New: No paddings option in the Block Background area
  • Change: Added note that block contents won’t change when switching designs
  • Fixed: You can now add dynamically changing blocks inside Accordion blocks (e.g. blocks that change height)
  • Fixed: Removed unwanted margins on the Separator block present in some themes
  • Fixed: Header block’s title won’t follow alignment
  • Fixed: Name color won’t change in some Team Member block layouts
  • Fixed: Number alignment of the Number Box block not followed in smaller screens
  • Fixed: Number color of the Number Box block not working
  • Fixed: Border radius being applied incorrectly in some layouts in Team Member blocks
  • Fixed: Better auto-block recovery methods
  • Fixed: Shadow is now removed in plain Container block layouts
  • Fixed: PHP 7.4 parenthesis ternary experssion warning
  • Fixed: Button center alignment in IE11
  • Fixed: Columns now display properly in IE11
  • Fixed: Default colors now show properly in IE11
  • Fixed: Corrected border radius to show only when not in full-width for the CTA block
  • Fixed: Some text colors not showing correctly in some Blog Posts block layouts
  • Fixed: Image now has the correct width in Team Member blocks in small screens
  • Fixed: Responsiveness of some layouts of the Feature block
  • Fixed: Don’t show empty advanced panels in the Count Up block
  • Fixed: Notification block button sometimes won’t change colors
  • Fixed: Responsiveness issues in horizontal layout in Posts block
  • Fixed: Responsiveness issues in horizontal layout in Card block


  • Change: Added “Learn more” link for block background help tooltip
  • Fixed: Block auto-recovery did not take effect for blocks inside columns
  • Fixed: Some themes may force pseudo elements on our blocks and this will destroy our column layouts.
  • Fixed: Removed “Contact Us” for white labelled sites
  • Fixed: Removed “Edit as HTML” for Container blocks


Welcome Video, Better Separators and Auto-Block Recovery

  • New: Welcome to Stackable modal popup
  • New: Auto-block recovery functionality for styling block errors and block update errors
  • New: Support for Jetpack’s Site Accelerator for background images
  • New: Added 2 new separators: Rounded 3 and Wave 4
  • New: Added vertical flip for top and bottom separators
  • Change: Updated video in settings screen
  • Fixed: Border radius not being followed for blog posts block when updating from v1
  • Fixed: Fixed mobile responsiveness of blog posts block when using 4 columns
  • Fixed: Centered the image in Overlap Shape 4 and Overlap Shape 5 layouts in feature blocks
  • Fixed: Feature block responsiveness for image column width option
  • Fixed: Feature block responsiveness issues for overlap layouts
  • Fixed: Only apply default z-index to Stackable blocks
  • Fixed: Compatibility with Slides & Presentations plugin
  • Fixed: Native text block colors now work properly inside Container blocks with background colors
  • Fixed: Fixed font size for tablet and mobile in multiple blocks not being applied
  • Fixed: Removed left and right margins in Blockquote blocks in the editor for some themes
  • Fixed: Separator block default height is too big in tablet and mobile
  • Fixed: Better generation of excerpts for posts. Prevent WPBakery from overriding post excerpts
  • Fixed: Bottom Separator layout images are now oriented correctly


Help Video Snippets and Auto-Expand Settings

  • New: Added help tooltip video snippets for block options
  • New: Double-click a block component to open inspector settings
  • New: Now brings opened inspector panels into view
  • New: Affiliation menu, become a Stackable Affiliate!
  • Fixed: Changed arrangement of some advanced block settings
  • Fixed: PHP Notice undefined index featured_media in Posts block
  • Fixed: Corrected typo in Advanced Column settings to “Column Paddings”
  • Fixed: Toolbar control compatibility with Gutenberg 7.1.0


  • Fixed: Better sticky tabs detection and placement
  • Fixed: Possible migration error if v1 button label is blank
  • Fixed: Button block is not centered properly
  • Fixed: Ghost button color sometimes aren’t followed
  • Fixed: Added smooth transition to button icons
  • Fixed: Social button icons colors not being applied in Team Member block


  • Fixed: Jetpack Search compatibility may show an error
  • Fixed: Top/bottom margins of full-width Separator blocks (and other full-width blocks) when migrating from v1
  • Fixed: Testimonial basic 2 layout from v1 suddenly have shadows
  • Fixed: Feature Grid block now estimates a closer image size when migrating from v1
  • Fixed: Container block’s vertical align option wasn’t being followed
  • Fixed: Blog Posts block strips out strings with a dollar sign followed by a number
  • New: Decrease minimum block margins to -500px and -100%


  • Fixed: Container child block toolbars being cut off when editing
  • Fixed: Container block background should not affect styles of nested container blocks
  • Fixed: WP_Privacy_Data_Export_Requests_List_Table not found error
  • Added: stackable_enqueue_styles PHP filter
  • Added: stackable_enqueue_scripts PHP filter
  • Added: stackable_enqueue_fonts PHP filter


  • Fixed: Possible posts block migration error


Version 2 is Out!

  • New: Improved user interface to manage section building tools
  • New: Cutting-edge design options for typography, colors, images & videos
  • New: Precision controls for spacing, alignment & responsiveness options
  • New: New Block Layouts and Pre-set Section Designs
  • New: Built-in section/block background options for easier section building
  • New: 3-tab configuration for layouts, style & advanced settings
  • New: Toggle on/off section background, title, description, & block elements
  • New: Streamlined settings panels for each block element
  • New: New background settings including advanced image settings and advanced gradient settings
  • New: Built-in top & bottom separators for every block
  • New: Z-index for custom block positioning
  • New: Detailed typography settings including font families, font size, font color, font weight, font cases, line height and letter spacing
  • New: Ability to set headings to specific HTML tags
  • New: Multiple image shape options like circle, square and 50+ blob shapes
  • New: Adaptable settings for image size, image positions & image repeat
  • New: Advanced gradient color and blend mode options
  • New: Custom settings for block dimensions (height and width), paddings & margins
  • New: Spacing options between each block element (title, description, image, etc.)
  • New: Toggle on/off blocks for desktop, tablet & mobile
  • New: Detailed responsiveness settings for font sizes & image displays
  • New: Responsive image loading for different device types
  • New: 26 additional block layouts
  • New: Cohesive pre-set designs across multiple blocks
  • New: Change block layouts and pre-set section designs with just one click


  • New: Added Facebook community group link
  • New: Revamped icon picker controls
  • Fixed: Flashing overlay outside border-radius in Image Boxes in Edge
  • Fixed: Selecting the custom color field resets the highlight color
  • Fixed: Video Popup block opens on mobile when scrolling
  • Fixed: IE11 forEach error


  • New: Rebranded welcome & settings page design
  • Fixed: Selecting the custom color field resets the highlight color
  • Fixed: Flashing overlay outside border-radius in Image Box blocks in Safari
  • Fixed: Mobile responsiveness of horizontal layout in Card blocks
  • Fixed: Too-wide padding of horizontal layout in Card blocks
  • Fixed: Mobile responsiveness of horizontal layout in Feature Grid blocks
  • Fixed: Border radius overflow visual issue in Edge in Image Box blocks
  • Fixed: Mobile responsiveness of horizontal & half layouts in Team Member blocks
  • Fixed: Excessive padding on the horizontal layout in Card blocks


  • Fixed: Regex error in Firefox


Text Color and Text Highlight

  • New: Color & highlight formatting toolbar (⌘+h or Ctrl+h)
  • Fixed: Support for media queries in Custom CSS
  • Fixed: Rgba style rule invalidates Custom CSS
  • Fixed: Responsive issues with the Feature block layouts
  • Fixed: Blocks error out when setting some colors to pure black
  • Fixed: Squished images in Feature block when image size is adjusted


Translations: Stackable in Your Language

  • New: Translation ready
  • New: Updated FontAwesome to v5.9: more icons!
  • Fixed: Blog Posts block compatibility with WPML
  • Fixed: One-column Image Box block get squished
  • Fixed: Zigzag layout in Feature Grid block translate in mobile (Premium)

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