Your PHP installation appears to be missing the MySQL extension which is require


You can talk to your host about having the extension installed, or you can usually do yourself like this (if you have ssh access) :

sudo yum install php-mysqlnd

Create a file on your server called phpoutput.php with this content :
<?php phpinfo(); ?>
then upload it to your server, and hit your website at to check the extension.

Your advice generally worked, thanks. So just for others who have the same problem:

Ubuntu is on the debian branch:

So hence for distros on the blue line we’re using apt, not yum:

sudo apt-get install php-mysqlnd

Also yum is deprecated on the red line, right? it’s dnf now, right? So shouldn’t that be:

sudo dnf install php-mysqlnd

I’m just saying this response for others who search and have the same problem. Your answer fixed it for me.

thanks again,



Thanks for pointing that out.

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