XML Files, Uploads folder, URL path

Hi there, I am a fairly new to WordPress and have a few questions about it.

I am working on a site

To be honest, I am really starting to like WordPress, I played with Drupal for a bit but just don’t have the time to invest and WordPress just seems to make more sense to me and so many customizations!

1. I have a test site with just a standalone WordPress as a scratch page for the one I mentioned above for production which is a customized version of WordPress
If I wanted to , what would be involved in migrating a customized site to a standalone WordPress? Is it possible to have a single wordpress install but build say 2 site off of it say for 2 different markets IE USA and Canada etc…Wondering if this might be less maintenance etc..

2. XML files, mine are auto generated, but there is an error where I have a duplicate entry. Since its automatically generated I assume its in a database, and I am just wondering in which database table would I find this in WordPress?

3. Is is possible to change the uploads folder to a custom path?

4. I also have an issue with duplicate forward slash in my URL coming from the uploads folder, trying to think if there is an easy way to correct this? Which database table is this likely stored in?

Whew, been saving up my questions..


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