WpForo menu linking to old website after importing it to a new one

Install the plugin “better search replace”. Search all tables for http://www.ledcultivation.com/ and replace with https://luminaire-lighting.com/. YOu might also search for https://www.ledcultivation.com/ just in case that URL was used on the old site.

@sterndata I was certain this would work but it did not… 2 links were replaced for http://www.ledcultivation.com/ and 0 links were replaced for https://www.ledcultivation.com/ but the issue remains the same.

Can you think of any other solution that might work?

Nope. I’d ask the WPForo folks. I recommend asking at https://wordpress.org/support/plugin/wpforo/#new-post so the plugin’s developers and support community can help you with this.

@sterndata I’ve deleted the WpForo plugin and the WpForo navigation menu and the links in the image remain there and the issue also still exists. I posted a thread at the WpForo link before trying to delete it but this doesn’t seem to be a WpForo issue after all.

I’ve figured it out. I just had to edit the two links in my header.php file 🙂

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