WP URL will not change correctly

I have no idea what else to do. Any help would be fantastic. My goal is for the my site to display tonytuned.us, not tonytuned.us/wordpress..
My hosting provider does this interesting thing where it gives you a temporary URL if a domain has not been purchased. For example i started out as tonytuned-us.stackstaging.com/wordpress, then actually purchased the domain and routed it to their nameservers. The reason i explain this is when i initially installed wordpress, the wordpress address and site urls were the long “hashed” version of my domain. I did not want this. This was the strucutre of my server in the begining

| |–index.php (default, provided by server)
| |–wordpress/
|–.htaccess(default on server, provides php info)

My files seem to be served from public_html/. I say this becuase I cant access my site via my main ip, and when accessing the temp website, this is the file (public_html/index.php) which is served.

I followed the instructions https://wordpress.org/support/article/giving-wordpress-its-own-directory/ to be able to change my site adress. I created a copies of index.php and .htaccess in my “root” which going by what is server, would be public_html/. After the files were created i changed the site address only (to tonytuned.us), not the wordpress address. This enabled me to login to the dashboard but i was not able to access my theme. I then read they need to be identical, so i changed wordpress address. This change then prevented me from being able to login correclt and none of the URLS were working for the site. After changing the actual html in the form submission i was able to login to a poorly displayed html page but none of the links would work. I followed the instruction https://wp-me.com/cant-access-wordpress-after-changing-site-url/, and now can login and my site is working but is display the /wordpress/ path at the end. This is not the desired result and i dont know what else to do. My final dirstruct is the same as above but with public_html/inidex.php(modified version) and public_html/.htaccess. Any help would be aprreciated thank you.

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