WP-ADMIN Panel is taking too long to load


The WP-ADMIN panel in one of my site is taking too long to load.
Sometimes more than 2 minutes. However, the front-end loading time is not affected.

Hosted on KINSTA, Running on WordPress 5.5.3 and PHP 7.4

We have already enabled all sorts of Caching methods. I have contacted the KINSTA Support several times, They enabled New Relic Monitoring and confirmed that there is no visible errors or issues that are getting flagged.

I tried disabling all the plugins – But still, there is no improvement in the Admin panel load time.

I checked the HEALTH SCREEN – The status is “GOOD”. There are no critical issues in that too.

For the same site, In the KINSTA STAGE Environment, This error is not present.

If I create a completely new WP Installation and install the same theme and plugins, the Issue is not there.

I also tried installing the same site locally and also in some other shared server with the same theme and plugins – This issue is existing.

There are no error logs, no issues flagged at the hosting end but still, something is causing this issue and I’m unable to find it out.

Can somebody please help me with this? Thanks!

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