WP 5.5 Update Broke my Customizer Admin

Pins and needles with WP version updates. That’s what WP admin management has become! Very frustrating.

I recently upgrade to WP 5.5.1, and this broke the admin for both Widgets and Customizer. The Customize feature does not function at all. The active Widgets panels no longer window shade. They can only be edited when selecting “Enable accessibility mode”.

I did a search, and this webpage at PressCustomizr.com, “How to Fix the WordPress Customizer…” is exactly what I’m experiencing:

I have checked and performed most of what they advise to try here to fix, but no results. My WP admin has a notification, “PHP Update Required”, but when I checked into doing this with the host, it complete broke the site, so we reset it back.

Activating the Parent version of the theme will completely break the site. Should I reach out to the Theme for support on this? If I update the Theme, will that break the site?

Please help. Is there a WP update coming that will fix this issue?

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