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Hi all, I’m quite new to WordPress so this might be something simple that I’ve missed. I have created multiple pages on my website, each with a basic table block (no plugins, just the normal wordpress Tables). These tables and the content were displaying as normal on my site since they were first made. But all of a sudden they are no longer visible on the front end and the page previews? I can only see the tables on the backend. This has happened to to the tables on all the pages not just one of them.

I haven’t made any changes on the site other than downloading and using the Yoast SEO plugin, I have since deactivated this incase this was the issue but this is not the case as the tables are still not visible.

If you visit the website on the “UK Explorer” page and select one of the British counties you’ll see a large white space where the tables should be, just below the maps. https://thetouristuk.com/uk-explorer/

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