WordPress puts a sidebar on one of my many pages despite all settings



Looking at your site, you are using <a href="https://wordpress.org/themes/multipurpose/">multipurpose</a> theme.

Please note this theme has not been updated in over two years.

It possible that theme is not compatible with the current WordPress.

You may post at that theme’s dedicated support forum and hope the theme author or the community reply.

Or, try finding an another theme.

WordPress puts a sidebar on one of my many pages despite all settings

No, it’s not WordPress. The presentation and appearance of your website your theme’s job (and increasingly common, any page-builder plugin you may be using).

The specific page seems to have all settings/attributes the same or similar to all the other pages but none of the other pages show the sidebar. The sidebar seems like a menu plus archives etc. I’m running v5.5.3 with the siteOrigin plugins.

It appears all the pages in your primary menu were created with the SiteOrigin Panels pagebuilder, whereas the specific page you liked to is a vanilla WordPress page. That’s a big difference right there.

So my theory is that your theme’s default page template has the sidebar, but the SiteOrigin template that was used to build most of your site’s pages ripped out the sidebar… making it seem as though your theme doesn’t have a sidebar.

Thanks, George Appiah. It appears that your theory is correct. I had turned off Siteorigin Editor for Page Builder to create that page. It seems bizarre that the choice of editor can radically impact the appearance of the page created by it, without there being some tell-tale sign of options or attributes that can be changed back. I think actually wordpress is far more complicated (and nebulous) for the small simple site I am managing.

It is a small community centre not for profit and I am a volunteer.

I appreciate your help, @gappiah and also your input @t-p.

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