Woocommerce sidebar plugin won’t show

Hi guys,

Firstly I apologise for the state of my site, I’ve been doing a lot to it and testing certain things, so it is in a bit of a state right now!

My issue I am having is with woo commerce sidebar plugins, no other plugins across my site in any form have been an issue. I can show for example ‘product search’ or ‘product categories’…However, It will not display ‘Filter product by price’ or ‘Filter by attributes’

I have created a staging site and tested things there, such as changing my theme, running tests on each plugin and manually testing each plugin by disabling it etc and yet it still wont show up. I’m either missing something stupidly simple that I don’t know I’ve done or somethings stupidly wrong.

Thanks for any advice on this, Charlie.

The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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