White spacebar before footer on each page

From inspecting the site, seems that your main wrapper (<div id=”main-wrapper”…) has some padding and content inside.

You could add the following CSS:

#main-wrapper { display: none; }

That would hide the div completely, which might cause unintended consecuences on other parts of the site, so be careful.

Besides from that, you’ll probably going to get better help from the theme’s support.

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You can try this css code as a temporary solution:

#main-wrapper {
display: none!important;


It’s very weird what’s happening. It’s seems like wordpress try to display another post (page type) before your footer.Unfortunately I can’t say right now why…

Hope this helps 🙂

Awesome, that helped!
Thank you

(1)- I can see that you are using Nimble Builder plugin.
a – If you designed your footer using it check if there is no empty row above the footer. If yes, just delete the row.
b – Check if there is an “empty row” on the bottom of each page. If yes, just delete the row.

(2) – If it is not (1) Check if your framework is setup to add a header to each page. If yes, disable it.

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