Where is the unseen page?

Hi, “Your Latest Posts” actually points to a specific theme file either: home.php, front-page.php, or index.php. You should take a look at the hierarchy: https://developer.wordpress.org/themes/basics/template-hierarchy/

So it’s not a “Page” that you can editing using the Page editor on WordPress, but it’s a template of a theme that is used instead.

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There must be somewhere that says I have three columns: left sidebar, center area, right sidebar…

1. What theme are you working with?

2. Where did you download it from?

Before I asked, I created a brand new – basic as it can get-site. (WP 5.4.1, with NO theme or anything else added.) Exiting from the admin page, then accessing the site – I see the “Hello World!” post along with sections marked “Archives”, “Recent Posts”, “Recent Comments”, “Categories”, and “Meta”. There is a header with the name of the site (“Testing”) and a tagline of “Just another WordPress site”. A search icon is on the far right of the header. A footer contains a Copyright statement, “Powered by WordPress” and “To the Top”.

Since I have no theme, nor have I loaded a single item of any kind, it is my observation that somewhere in the system this is all “built in”. I’m trying to learn and understand this all. (After so many years of being told and me following “just do it this way”, I’m moving into a “this is how and why” stance.)

Thanks for the leads on where to look. I’m reading as fast as I can. 🙂

OK. The best I can figure from reading code (thanks for the trip down memory lane):
1. There must be a theme. As I can delete all but one of the themes, I take this to be true. (i.e., there must be at least one theme, and it doesn’t matter which one it is.)
2. Since there is a theme, then there must be an active index.php in the theme directory.
(Amazing the number of “index.hp” there are that say “silence is golden”.
3. Between the index.php and the associated style.css, there is a basic structure and as the different posts are read, sorted, assigned and then displayed – a “formatted page” develops.

So, with all the information read (thanks folks), it seems the key is the basic format is hidden in the theme areas in the form of index.php.

Thanks for your help.



1. Yes, there is a default theme when you install WordPress. Each theme can use widgets to show if none have been selected, or show nothing (theme’s choice).
2. Yes, index.php of the theme folder is the fallback for all requests. Other empty index.php files are for protection against hackers trying to get a list of your files.
3. Yes, this is the theme’s whole job.

As the first reply here mentioned, you can see which file takes precedence for each type of request (it is not always index.php) in the template hierarchy.

You can’t have no theme, as you have found. By default, the latest default theme is used. That would be twentytwenty at the moment.

As for the rest, I’m not sure what you’re looking for. The Hello World post is the first default post made. The side widgets are the default sidebar widgets. All of the things you are describing are the defaults.

(Amazing the number of “index.hp” there are that say “silence is golden”.

That is to prevent people from browsing your plugin and theme code.

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