Where is the official help site?

Suggest you hire a developer you can trust.
https://codeable.io/ is a good start.

Sorry no. I know what I want. I want Elementor and the other over simplifications to get out of my way. What i really want is a true help menu not useless faqs and discursive forums.

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OMG that site Codable is exactly the kind of thing i would never ever consider. I would never trust anything like that to recommend anything. A great way to spend more $ with no guarantee or value. Thanks no.

Locis, you sound like you know exactly what you want, and what you don’t want.
That’s half the battle! Good luck!

James Huff


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Hi there @locis these forums are official support.

WordPress is built for free, developed and supported entirely by volunteers, and backed solely by donations to a non-profit foundation.

There is no such thing as a support staff, just volunteers helping on their free time in these forums.

If you need dedicated 1-on-1 help, we recommend hiring someone from https://jobs.wordpress.net/ and do not accept any hire or direct access offers posted to these forums.

oh that is very disappointing to hear.
I do not consider random unqualified opinions official.
That is a very broad interpretation of the term.

When did it become ok to create something and then abandon it?
I expect I will look for another platform.
I need something more professional.

Why would anyone create or follow something with no support?





WordPress is available under GPLv2, please take a look at the license before going any further
especially #11 and #12
If it does not suit you – you’re free to use any other software with license, payment and support model you’d like.

James Huff


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The volunteer developers who create WordPress also volunteer to help here as well.

Opening support up to the community allows us all to not spend all of our free time volunteering here.

I’m sorry you do not agree with that, but that’s how it’s been here for the past 17 years, and how we’ve reached 37.6% of known sites: https://w3techs.com/technologies/history_overview/content_management/all/y

2 people had an idea back in 2003, and since then thousands of people all over the world have volunteered their free time to improve and support it.

I encourage you to read https://wordpress.org/about/ and https://wordpress.org/about/philosophy/

@locis You will not find official answers about really anything relating to managing or developing a website. I do not care what platform you use. The developer you work with will have their own guidelines for what is best based on their interpretations of what is acceptable based on web standards. https://jobs.wordpress.net/, https://codeable.io/, and https://upwork.com/ will be your best bets for finding someone who knows wordpress if it is the platform you want to use.

All I was looking for was a professional help menu.
I know what I want to do i just want an indexed menu so i can learn the cliks to do what I want. It would be great if the environment taught you how to use it instead of needing to dialogue with 6 different people and still not have any good answers. I dont need a developer and if Wp is designed so that developer level commitment is required to make a simple site then you may have made a fantastic system but it is one that i have absolutely no interest in supporting.
This is completely solidifying my opinion that these forums are nothing but black holes to nowhere and that Wp is not really as good as people say it is.

Maybe you’d get better answers if you explained what you’re trying to do. There’s plugins and a lot of documentation. To complain that there’s no help menu is very silly. Tell us what you’re trying to do and we will guide you to do what you’re trying to do.

That is my point. I do not want community answers.
I want fixed answers to static functions from an indexed help environment.
The administrator said they do it this way to save time.
That is a joke. This takes 1000% more time.

If i want to get clever I will ask something clever.
If I want community i will go out and find it.


The really funny thing is that WP does publish what I want and none of you pros even knew about it.

For the actual codec

They also have actual lessons
@ https://wordpress.org/support/article/wordpress-lessons/

So now all i see is that this “Forum” has been polluted by developer shills.
Enjoy each others company.

I will be back when I have something worthy of all this experience.


It’s fantastic you found the resources that all of our volunteers spend countless hours putting together to help guide people through the world of WordPress.

Be sure to come back to the forums/ if you get stuck on something.
Or better still, we look forward to your own contributions to community!

James Huff


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I do not want community answers.
I want fixed answers to static functions from an indexed help environment.

I hope you understand that we can’t answer questions which haven’t been asked.

We’d love to help you, it’s why we volunteer our free time, but … help you with what?

If finding the documentation is what you needed to do, then that’s excellent, you’ve found it. If you ever need it again, it’s linked to at the top of this site under the “Support” menu item.

If you have any specific questions, please let us know.

That is my point. I do not want community answers.

Then you’re in the wrong place and using the wrong software.

WordPress is free software, made for free, by free volunteers.

We’re not a company. We are a community.

If that upsets you, then I suggest using different software.

FYI: the codex is deprecated. We are doing our level best to get rid of it. Just keep that in mind.

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