Where does the captcha come from?

I don’t recall a default captcha being implemented on the WordPress login page. Whenever you visit the /login/ permalink, the wp-login.php file is loaded. When you view the source code on a version control system such as GitHub, there’s no mention of a captcha.

It could quite possibly be coming from your hosting provider, as I’ve seen a few hosting providers implement functionality like this (especially if you set up WordPress through one of their installation wizards). You may want to try checking with them first.

However, if that’s not the case then I’m sure the captcha would be coming from a plugin (possibly a security plugin).

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Thanks, Tyler, that’s a good point, and I think that you’re very likely right that it’s a hosting company feature. I’ll check with them. It did seem strange to me that it’d be built into the WP code. The company (123-reg) has snuck in the occasional ‘undocumented feature’ on these and other sites.

Thanks for your reply too, Steven. A manifestation is at http://www.stlawrencechurchthorntoncurtis.org.uk/wp-login.php .

It’s definitely not important or a problem. It did make me chuckle when I got presented with a captcha on logout 😉

yeah, as the comes up before the login itself, it seems like a “hosting feature”.

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