What’s Your Opinion Of Jetpack?

Jan Dembowski


Forum Moderator and Brute Squad

@philbertdog I am sorry but “What’s Your Opinion Of Jetpack?” is not for this web site at all. Perhaps you may want to post this on Advanced WordPress on Facebook or /r/Wordpress on Reddit instead?

It’s not the “Jetpack” portion. You could have asked “What’s your opinion about ACME WordPress Widget in a sidebar?” and the result would have been the same. The topic is closed when found.

These are not discussion forums, these are not opinion forums and this is not anyone’s blog. This whole site is focused on users obtaining specific support for WordPress, the WordPress add-ons here on this site (themes and plugins) and helping other WordPress users.

This sort of topic is not that. If you have a specific question about Jetpack, please feel to raise a support topic in that plugin’s sub-forum. This link will let you do that easily.


Thank you for understanding.

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