What role assign to clients in Wp ?

This will depend on your business rules, and the expectations of the client.
I only developer sites for clients who sign up for my monthly site maintenance plan – which includes content updating. So they do not need any access at all.
Some clients may have blog contributors, etc – so they are granted the appropriate role. IMO, the answer would be – it depends.

Roles and Capabilities

Thank you very much for your quick, clear and precise response. Thanks again !

Insist that anyone getting admin access is thoroughly trained by you.

And I would add an SLA that references t you are responsible for the work you delivered. Any change requests or “broken fixes” after that would need to be assessed by you before starting any other work. You would need to determine if something broke bc of a different Administrator changing something.
In my own SLAs, I actually have a line that says unless approved in advance, I’m the only administrator of the site.

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