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Very recently I have started having problems with visual mode as well. When adding links to text, WP automatically creates a blank link, and the only way for me to insert a hyperlink is to go into code mode. Occasionally when I press command K on a mac to get the “insert URL” window, the gear icon next to the entry field doesn’t work, so I can’t add a target. Again, I have to go into code mode. I’m on WP 5.5.1, the latest release

Would love to figure out why visual mode isn’t working

This is what is getting inserted into the code when I click on the link to insert an URL: _wp_link_placeholder” data-wplink-edit=”true”. I have to go into code mode to actually put a link there, so the UI for visual editing in WP is currently broken.

Hi all,

Problem solved

My problem was caused by adding following plugin;
Twenty Eleven Theme Extensions

I have no idea how it was added. I’m running “Child Theme” of “Twenty Eleven Theme”

After deleting it Visual Mode comes back.


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