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$sql = "SELECT * from AAUW_Desc order by LastName Limit 5;";			
			if($result = mysqli_query($link, $sql)){    
			if(mysqli_num_rows($result) > 0)
			{        echo "<table>";            
					echo "<title> <h1>Members Skills Table<h1></title>";   
					while($row = mysqli_fetch_array($result)){ 
		 echo "<tr><th>ID</th><td>{$row['ID']}</td></tr>";
        echo "<tr><th>First Name</th><td>{$row['FirstName']}</td></tr>";
        echo "<tr><th>Last Nname</th><td>{$row['LastName']}</td></tr>";
        echo "<tr><th>Date of Birth</th><td>{$row['Birth_Day']}</td></tr>";
        echo "<tr><th>Birth Month</th><td>{$row['Birth_Month']}</td></tr>";
        echo "<tr><th>Member Type</th><td>{$row['Mem_Type']}</td></tr>";
        echo "<tr><th>Honorary</th><td>{$row['Honorary']}</td></tr>";
        echo "<tr><th>Active</th><td>{$row['Active']}</td></tr>";
        echo "<tr><th>Joined Local</th><td>{$row['Joined_Local']}</td></tr>";
        echo "<tr><th>Joined Nat'l</th><td>{$row['Joined_Natl']}</td></tr>";
        echo "<tr><th>Mailings</th><td>{$row['Mailings']}</td></tr>";
        echo "<tr><th>Positions Held</th><td>{$row['Positions_Held']}</td></tr>";
        echo "<tr><th>Notes</th><td>{$row['Notes']}</td></tr>";
        echo "<tr><th>Referred Date</th><td>{$row['Referred']}</td></tr>";
        echo "<tr><th>Retired</th><td>{$row['Retired']}</td></tr>";
        echo "<tr><th>Employer</th><td>{$row['Employer']}</td></tr>";
        echo "<tr><th>Occupation</th><td>{$row['Occupation']}</td></tr>";
        echo "<tr><th>Positions</th><td>{$row['Positions']}</td></tr>";				
					echo "</tr>";   
					echo "<tr></tr>";
					echo "</table>";             

The first row displays fine, the next 4 rows display with no formatting all together at the bottom of the screen. The table is not repeating, why not?

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Your closing </table> tag is within the loop with no new <table> to start another. The first <table> is before the loop starts. You can have a bunch of tables or one table, but be consistent where the open and closing tags occur 🙂

Thank you, thank you. Moved it one } down and it works like a charm, I just couldn’t see it.

Happy to help. Extra eyes are a wonderful thing 🙂

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