Various Blurry Thumbnails |

I don’t see any differences in image quality. All of the thumbnails look clear and crisp to me. I viewed you site on both Chrome and Firefox.

Can you give a few specific examples?


For instance, on the desktop site, the first row of 5 images on the “illustrations” page are, from left: blurred, blurred, clear, blurred, clear. I am looking on the mobile site through the duck-duck-go browser and the same images are blurry and clear (though oriented in a different grid).

The blur seems to go away when I make all the images full size, as per the options in the editor, but then the images are no longer consistent sizes, which is what I want.

Is that specific enough for you?

Sorry but they all look the same to me…

No, even in that small screenshot you posted, they do not look the same. Thanks though.

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