Variant swatches with description boxes


I am currently trying to build a WordPress version of my website. I am defininately not skilled at coding, so i would appreciate it if anyone has a solution to my issue that requires minor coding.

I sell used products of different sizes and gradings of prior usage.For the usage-grading i have 3 available variants which is: used condition, good condition and perfect condition. Right now these are shown to the customer via a drop-down menu. I want it to show something a bit more advanced. I know how to make swathces with a plugin but i need a bit more than just that.

I want a info-box underneath the variants on the product page that shows specific info about the condition-variant that the customer has clicked on. So if a customer clicks on “Used condition” a little box will appear underneath the swatch which will showcase information about the “used condition”. For example: “Might show signs of use such as scrathes or dents but it is fully functional and has a 2 year warranty.

Thanks in advance

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