Unwanted dropdown rectangles showing on Firefox only

Could it be just browser caching or maybe a caching plugin installed that needs cleared? Maybe try a private browser window and see if the issue persists. If you find that it’s not a cache you’ll likely need to link your website so we can see what you’re seeing.

try this

.navbar .dropdown-toggle:after {content: none !important;}

.basel-navigation .menu>li.menu-item-design-default ul li.menu-item-has-children:after{content: none !important;}

Thank you Muktadhawan and Howdy_McGee.

Howdy_McGee : no, it was not a caching problem. NB : the site link was given.

Muktadhawan : I keep your CSS, it could be usefull sooner or later.

The solution : During the last weeks, I have had a lot of crazy problems impossible to solve with CSS. Each time I solved a problem, it created another one, and I saw canceled parameters show again. Even after cleaning the files in the hoster’s desk, nothing was correct. SO, I DECIDED TO ERASE ALL THE WEBSITE, and re-create it from the beginning.
I have done few for the moment, but everything works fine. I think a lot of corrupted files were the cause of my worries.

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