Unknown error has locked me out of my website


I am not able to log into my site. I was in the process of configuring W3 Total Cache to speed up my site when it cut out on me with the error: “There has been a critical error on your website. Please check your site admin email inbox for instructions. Learn more about debugging in WordPress.”

I contacted my host, who advised to purge my site’s full cache, which I did. It did not resolve the issue. Also cleared my browser’s cache, just in case. That didn’t help.

The only email I’ve received from WordPress was from early this morning, telling me I had a fatal PHP error with a plugin. I was able to get into my site without using the recovery link. I uninstalled the plugin and everything behaved. I then installed an alternate plugin, which was such a resource hog that I had to uninstall that too. The site was just fine. Which brings me back up to W3 Total Cache.

Since this new error, I haven’t received any other email from WordPress with a recovery mode link. I did try the recovery mode link from this AM, but it doesn’t work. In Chrome, it says my website redirected me too many times (it’s an instant result) and suggests clearing my cookies, which was done previously. In Mozilla, the error I get is “Recovery Mode not initialized.”

I have no idea how I can get into my website, much less what the error is—I don’t know if this is considered the “white screen of death.” What’s even more confusing is that the only pages I can’t get to are the login screen and my editing services page. Everything else on my site is live and visible.

Please help! I’ve been reading up on how to fix the issue, but I’m honestly at a loss. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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