unable to login in ):


I’m guessing the username and password you are trying to login as does not have Administrator rights.
This can be controled in code, or you also have this plugin installed on your site :
If you have control panel access, you can delete this plugin from FTP or File Manager to see if that helps.

i already deleted simple membership plugin from cpanel but it not not helped ):


Do you have access to the database?
You could set yourself as an Administrator manually :


i think i am admin plz check https://youtu.be/FzRzJ3nr-k0


This file would give no indication if you are an Admin or not.

Login to your control panel.
Use File Manger to view this file : /wp-config.php
Find the name of the database your site connects to
Go back to control panel and launch phpMyAdmin and open the database
Look in the _users table for your username
Run this SQL in phpMyAdmin to see the Role assigned to you :
select wp_users.ID, wp_users.user_nicename, wp_usermeta.meta_key, wp_usermeta.meta_value from wp_users inner join wp_usermeta on wp_users.ID = wp_usermeta.user_id

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@manyasurvey Please do not post images with information such as your encrypted passwords. It’s not safe and I have archived your reply.


Yes, confirmed.
Are you sure you removed the simple membership plugin, and cleared your cache ?
Try deleting it again.
If that doesn’t work,then delete all plugins, and add them back in one by one.
Also, check your theme/functions.php file for anything in there re: role based access.

Also, fyi, this from Simple Membership :

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