Unable to autoplay + loop off-screen videos using Chrome

Hi there,

To move away from using heavy GIFs, I am trying to autoplay and loop multiple mp4 video files (without sound) on WordPress. However, even with the autoplay and loop tags, the videos that aren’t in view after clicking refresh are not autoplaying or looping. This unintended behavior is reproducible on Chrome 86.0.4240.75, 87.0.4280.20, and 88.0.4291.2, but not on Firefox 83.

Expected: With the appropriate tags, all videos should show autoplay and loop regardless if they’re off-screen on Chrome (Firefox works as expected). Alternatively, to save resources, videos off-screen should start autoplaying and looping once they are in view.

Actual: Off-screen videos aren’t autoplaying or looping after I hit the refresh key, even when I scroll down to view them.

See attached Google Drive video link below. Being able to autoplay and loop MP4s will solve multiple problems with GIFs:

– Much lower file size (6x less, sometimes 10x smaller) than GIFs, meaning less time uploading and much faster page load.
– File quality will appear much better as an mp4 compared to the pixel-y look from GIFs.
– To add to the second point, 60 FPS mp4 is ~2-3 times smaller than 30 FPS GIF.


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