Trying to recover old WordPress Pages

I used to have a site at ehost and WordPress was associated with the site. Basically, I used an HTML and CSS framework for the primary pages of my site,, and linked to wordpress pages wherein the majority of our player games were stored so that visitor could browse, replay, and comment on those games. When ehost went out of business I did not have resources from our club to continue the site and move it to a new host, so it lapsed and the domain reverted to public unclaimed status. I recently reacquired the domain name and gained a new host at hostgator. I have re-uploaded an old version of our shell, from before we had wordpress. However, I still have emails from wordpress with respect to the account and am hoping I can reaquire those pages and all of the work I have done on them. Is this possible? Can I fold these pages into my new site?

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