Tried to update to 5.5 but it broke the “recent posts” home page on my site.

OK, so I updated all my plugins and then updated WP to 5.5

As soon as I did this, all the posts on my main page (which is just my “recent blog posts” page) got mashed together all on top of one another in a big jumble.

There were still ten posts there, they were just all piled up on top of one another, all in one place.

The rest of the site works, Woocommerce is up and the store looks correct, individual pages loaded fine, just the “recent posts” page was totally hooped.

The theme was not changed between WP version changes, so I know it was something in the latest WP update that did it, I just have no idea what or how to fix it. I didn’t change themes to 2020 and test again, I want to use THIS theme, and I know it has to be something in the current theme that needs to be changed to work with 5.5, I just need help figuring out what has changed and where I might go look for that in the current theme.

I’ve reverted back to last night’s Revisr commit and the site is back up and running like it should be, so I’m not hair-on-fire spun up about this, but I still need to find a fix to apply before I can update things again.

Has something changed in the way WP handles the “recent posts” page from previous versions? There used to be a place in the dashboard somewhere to change the number of posts per row displayed on the classic blogger home page, but I cannot find it now for the life of me.

My theme is pretty simple, but it’s not being supported by the original makers anymore (and I’ve made a few superficial modifications that I don’t want to lose anyway), so I’m on my own to figure out what has changed and how to fix it.

Everything is stable now, but I can’t just not update for the rest of time, so I could really use some help figuring out what’s gone wrong here.

The included link is the home page as it sets currently (IE, how it is SUPPOSED to look).

Thank you for your time.

The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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