transition_post_status not firing from future->published

Hi, I’m trying to run several functions on transition_post_status when the post status goes from future to publish, but the function is never executed when the scheduled post is published.

I write to a file every time transition_post_status is called, but the file has never been modified when a scheduled post becomes public, like it doesn’t leave a trace, I’m not sure how else to check it.

-It will catch everything else except future->publish. If I do draft->immediate publish, my intended things work fine. But not when scheduled.
-The same happens with publish_post too.
-I disabled all my plugins, but it is still not firing on future->pulish.
-I’m on a multisite and this is in a plugin for all sites.

What can I do? I’m a bit at my wit’s end for how to get things to happen when a scheduled post becomes published.

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