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– you have a local website in WordPress ready to go ?
– and you want to simply over-write your existing website at ?

1. Download a local copy of your existing site as a backup. Ask your host if you need help :

2. On your local machine, install a migration plugin like this :

3. On your local machine, run the All In One Migration tool, Export to File.
Download this file.

4. Login to the control panel of your host and install WordPress.

5. Once WOrdPress is install on your URL, install the All In One Migration plugin.
Then Import the file you downloaded locally.

6. Login to WordPress and go Settings –> Permalinks –> Save

Very easy.

Thanks very much for your detailed reply. I expect to have the local website readdy in about a week. The existing live website is not wordpress. I’ll follow through the steps and have done some migration as part of a UDEMY course so hopefully all will work.

> The existing live website is not wordpress

This does not matter.
Just download your existing site so you have a backup to use or refer to.

Install WordPress directly onto your live domain so it over-writes your existing site.
Then install All In One Migration on your live domain.
Then simply Import the file to live site that you created from the same plugin locally.

Thats great. I’ll have a go at it in about a week when I’m finished my new site. Thanks very much.

Not sure how many images your site will have, since obviously it is a photo site that the file size may be quite large.

All In One Migration has a free file size limit of 512 Meg.
However, there are others to choose from if the downloaded file is over this :

The process would remain the same.

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