Track the content of a link

I have a member site. When a member logs in he/she sees a snap summary of his/her info at the top of the sidebar. That snap summary includes a link to the member’s profile. If the member clicks on that link the snap summary in the sidebar is replaced by something else (no need for the summary since the member is at his/her profile page).

So far so good. In that same sidebar I also have a list of new members. When clicking on a their link it routes them to their profile in view mode only. What I am trying to accomplish is for the snap summary of the logged in member to stay in the sidebar when he/she clicks on the profile link of another member.

How can I accomplish this? Is it possible to analyze the link being clicked on and store the author’s name into a variable and then compare it with the actual author name or id?

A long post, so sorry. Any suggestions?

Thank you much


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