Tools page empty and no plugin tab in admin dashboard

>> My Sites → Tools → Marketing → Traffic <<

Are you using some plugin for this?

>> Additionally I am missing a tab for plugins completely. <<

Are you logged in as an admin? Is this a stand-alone site or part of a multisite?

Hi, I am not using a plugin. I can’t find a plugin tab to add any – I should have all admin rights, but I’m not sure if there’s a way to check.
It is a standalone site as far as I know, though we do have 2 other sites (all separate admin logins on different domains)

When I click on tools tab all I can see is a blank page with this message at the top:
WordPress 5.6 is available! Please notify the site administrator.

That makes me think I don’t have full admin rights if its asking me to contact administrator?

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Right, You are not an administrator. Did you used to be? It sounds to me like you’re logging in as an editor.

Hi Steven,

That was the exact problem. Thank you.

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