Ticket Purchase from third part website trough wordpress

I would like to ask for your support to my question:
I’m developing a web page to sell tours (tourism), and for some tours I will be selling, I need to purchase ticket entrances on museums. These museums have their own website where they sell the tickets. So the flow it will be: My Client purchase my Tour, and pay it on wordpress. I purchase the Ticket, pay it on museum web pages, and then I need to confirm the tour reservation for the my Client.
My question is: Do I need html programing, or is there any other solution so that the process of me buying the ticket entrances will be automatic? So the flow would be: My Client purchase my tour on wordpress, and this will trigger an “automated mechanism” of purchasing the ticket from a external web page, pay it, and confirm at the end?
Thank you in advance.
Octávio Ferreira

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