This is NOT my account

>> although it logged me in to the forums, it won’t let me log in elsewhere <<

Correct. Your account for the forums has *nothing to do* with your login to WordPress sites. They are completely separate things.

This article lists 7 completely different ways to reset your website password. Any one of them will work and do the job. Find the one that’s right for you and use that:

I see that you are already logged in to using the username – chiachatter. login is independent and different from the logins you may have to access and administrate websites made using WordPress Software ( Software) . login helps you to participate in the forums here and even in other community activities through

The other logins on your different websites such as are not related or linked with this login.

Are you referring to the login on ?

If you are unable to recover login password to the site, here are few others who can help you recover login

1. Any other admin user on the site.
2. The hosting support for the site (in a few cases)
3. If you have Cpanel and PHPMyAdmin access (hosting control), you can change it using the steps in this artcle:
Warning for the last step: This involves accessing some key database settings. Please take a backup of the database before doing any changes. If you are not confident of doing it, you can refer this to an experienced developer. There is a risk otherwise of damaging the website.

OK, it is becoming clearer now everything with “*” in the URL isn’t the same WordPress?…and I’m guessing that the WP app (android) is neither my login of ChiaChatter, nor my logins for the WP software I used to make my blog which I thought were the same, right?

(I was smart before a stroke damaged my brain, so I need to take everything down to kindergarten level to understand it now, I’m sorry if my questions sound very basic.)

I am logged in as “chiachatter” to, yes. And on the site where I work on my blog I am logged in as “owly”. So it is starting to make sense…I will try logging in with “owly” also and see if that works…IT DOES!!! OK, big win, you rock, and I learned something VERY useful today. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!

To greatly simplify what they said above: WordPress is not like Facebook. It is not a centralized service.

WordPress is software anybody can use to make websites. Each website is an island, and it contains its own “accounts”. There is no central set of accounts, and you can’t use an account from site A to login to site B (usually), even if they are both running WordPress.

This site is, and we have accounts for here on our forums, as well as for the users on the sites and our related sites like and But those accounts only work on our sites, not on all WordPress sites everywhere. is a separate thing, for example, an we don’t share accounts with them. Their accounts only work there.

Now, some sites use plugins like Jetpack, and one of the features Jetpack offers is a “unified login” meaning that you can use your login details to login on individual sites that run Jetpack. This is site dependent, and really only serves to confuse people. 🙂

Hope that clarifies the situation for you.

Also, we do not have a “lorispeppercirce647” account here. Do not give your password out to random other sites. Pay attention to the URL bar and only put in your site’s credentials on your own site.

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