There has been a critical error on this website.



can you access your files in your webhosting account or via FTP?
do you have a recent backup of your files and database (pre upgrade)?

maybe there is a plugin error:
you can deactivate all plugins without access to the site’s dashboard by temporarily renaming the plugins folder inside your webhosting area or via FTP access. temporarily deactivating all plugins might help you gain access to the site’s dashboard and allow you to do further troubleshooting.

if you are not sure how to access the plugins folder — please contact your webhosting vendor support team.

I appreciate the quick reply, Lisa. However, I’m at a novice level, so in need of remedial help. I have web-hosting through NameCheap, but can’t find any of the files per se. (I’m using their hosting version called EasyWP.) I don’t see where I can deactivate plugins either. Trying to follow the instructions from the host to access the FTP, but to no avail. Is there any solution to this problem considering my experience level? I fear that I will have to rebuild this site on something other than WP…



are you able to contact a support representative at NameCheap/EasyWP to ask for guidance to get to the folder and files for your website so you can try to fix the issue?

if you are able to find the plugins folder — RENAMING the folder will deactviate the plugins

be sure you have a full backup of files and database before proceeding.

volunteers on this forum are not able to access the files and folders inside of of your webhosting account.

if you feel you are not able to fix one your own and need to hire someone to help — try this resource:

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I think we got this resolved. I contacted the host’s tech support, and they replaced the default files with new default files. That seemed to work. As of now the site is back up. Thank you for assistance!

Hello, would like to know if finally you could install the plugin? I have the same issue and need to remove it from FTP for website wors again, but can not install plugin so far, and I really need it 🙁

I haven’t installed any plugins per se. I just upgraded WP to 5.7 when it crashed. There were errors in my default files which were debugged by the webhost’s tech support and replaced with new default files because I couldn’t do it myself with FTP. This was successful. My recommendation is to contact the webhost support.

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