Theme error in console with multiple themes

frontend.min.js is part of hat plugin or theme?

It’s part of the theme.

Which theme? I dont see it in the ‘twenty twentyone’ theme

Ahh, you’re absolutely right. I’m mixing up the Astra and the Twenty Twenty One themes here. Under the Twenty Twenty One theme I get:

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘querySelectorAll’ of null
at new navMenu (primary-navigation.js?ver=1.1:170)
at primary-navigation.js?ver=1.1:182

It points to

The error points to this line in that file:

document.getElementById( 'site-navigation' ).querySelectorAll( '.menu-wrapper > .menu-item-has-children' ).forEach( function( li )

where getElementById is null.

Under the Astra theme, I get:

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘querySelector’ of null
at n (frontend.min.js?ver=3.0.2:1)
at frontend.min.js?ver=3.0.2:1

It points to, line:

if(void 0===e){if(!(d=i.querySelector("#ast-mobile-header")))return;

where querySelector is null.

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Can you share the URL of your website? Its very hard to figure out whats happening without actually looking at the site

Out of curiosity, have you assigned a menu to the location “Primary Menu” (WP Admin => Appearances => Menu)?

I understand sharing the website link would make it easier to solve, but unfortunately I can’t do that.

Under Appearances > Menu, I have indeed build a menu (with items as well as sub items) that is assigned to both “Primary Menu” and to “Mobile Menu”.

I had only tested it with the free Astra theme and the Twenty Twenty One theme, both of which generated a different, but similar, error. Now also trying the Twenty Twenty, the error is gone. Any ideas how to solve this, especially under the Astra theme, are appreciated.

I reported the error to the Astra support team, and the latest update of the team has solved the error 🙂

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