The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css styleshee

Can you install themes downloaded from Let’s separate this from a possible issue with Envato.

Yes! That was very interesting and unexpected. So what are your thoughts on why the purchased theme failed?

I think it’s most likely you’re doing it wrong because if there were a packaging problem on Envato, it would certainly be widespread.

See and if the problems continue please contact Envato support.

As it turns out you are absolutely correct! It’s the nub in me. For all other nubs that may have this issue, I am going to post and close this issue because I have learned a lot in the past 48 hours.

!. The template was an HTML template and worked fine when I learned how to use it.
2. Although I love WordPress there are some advantages to HTML.
3. It does require some knowledge to try and convert an HTML landing page to WordPress.
4. Once you learn a few things in HTML it is really not code heavy as one may think and better not to try and convert. Wish I had thought about that 24 hours ago.

I know I have a lot to learn in the web and design arena but for this project, I think I initially was not asking the right questions.

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