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I cannot for the life of me figure out how the dev who built my website, assigned the red circles to the “categories” section of my WordPress dashboard. He told me the red circles are linked to the categories, but after creating a few new subcategories inside the parent category “challenges” (itself a child category of “en”), the circles remain the same and only display the subsubcategory called “getting things straight: what the problem is not”, as you can all see from the link I attached. And if I try and change the title and slug, or description of that subsubcategory, all the other red circles change as well. So, all the circles seem to be connected together, amongst themselves, but not connected with the actual categories as my dev implied. Or should I say, all the circles seem (for now) to be bound and connected to that one category called “getting things straight…).

All the red circles’ shortcodes are the same:
[JVGCategories category=”en” subcategory=”challenges”]

Could that be the problem? If so, what shortcode should I use, if say for example I want one of the circles to be named “Marketing”?

Help is appreciated. I know nothing about PHP.


PS: I would share some screenshots if there was the option, but there isn’t.

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  • This topic was modified 4 days, 15 hours ago by shinkairi.

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