Subcategories not showing up under Parent Category online

I recently restructured my homepage (static front page) to have three categories on the navigation bar (Health, Lifestyle, About Me) with subcategories nested in all of them. My Lifestyle category will not show any of the nested categories.

I checked menus and they are all nested correctly and I also made sure that all of the associated posts had Lifestyle as their primary category. (I use Yoast SEO) However, they do not show when I view the website as a visitor. I went into Customize to see what else I can do and saw that the post does show up in Customize.

I thought that maybe the site needing some time so I waited a day. Same problem and it still only shows up in Customize. This also happens on the mobile view.

My theme’s support replied, “Please make sure that you’ve checked both the parent and the child category if you wish posts to appear in both.”

Can someone help elaborate or guide me in fixing this? I couldn’t find any documentation on this. Thank you.

The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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