Sorry, this file type is not permitted for security reasons for PNG images


I usually upload .png and .jpg images to my website. There is no problem there. The problem comes when I convert a .png into a .webp, and then back to .png (for compression reasons). Ending result is a .png image but very compressed.

However, wordpress isn’t letting me upload a .png file. I’m thinking is there any way that a file could keep some file extension history or some file extension features that would prevent it from acting fully as the last extension.

In my wordpress settings .png files are allowed to be uploaded and I’ve uploaded them before as I said already. The image size is also not a problem as I’ve removed that restriction, and an image with same size was already uploaded before.

I need ideas how to resolve this as uploading a 1.1 MB image isn’t the same as uploading a 190 kb image.

Thanks in advance and if anything wasn’t fully clear please state what and I’ll try to reiterate.

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