Some Links Underlined, Some Are Not

Ah…I am looking in the customizer and getting consistency with a different theme. Of course. So frustrating to have a nice theme when it doesn’t work as it should.

Is it possible that stray custom fields from previous themes or plugins are interfering with my theme’s ability to style links?

Although I figured out this is a theme issue, I would love it if someone could offer some advice on this problem. Thanks!

Hi, @missadventures

Just to be sure, are you talking about these list?


As far as I can see those black list items are not links. I don’t see any pink (orange – ugh, colour names) words that are links and not underlined.

Let me know where should I look. If there is a problem, the fix is quite simple. Adding something like

the-right-selector {text-decoration:underline;}

but I have to find the right selector.

Kind regards.

Hi Vlad,

Thanks for looking.

I actually followed up my original post to say that I changed my theme and the underline problem went away.

I’m still not sure why my old theme was underlining some links and not others. But downgrading to a lighter-weight theme was the answer.

By the way, those list items in black were not links. But with my old theme, some of the orange links were underlined and some were not. It looked so weird!

Marking this as resolved. 🙂

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